Something For Kate

Melbourne 1994-present



The Answer To Both Your Questions   1996    7   Produced by Greg Atkinson

Mini-CD      AUS   Murmur MATTCD028

Mini-LP      AUS   Murmur MATTV028 (7", limited edition of 500, hand decorated)

Dean Martin                         1996    3   Produced by Greg Atkinson

CD-Single    AUS   Murmur MATTCD039 (first pressing included a sticker)

10"-Single   AUS   Murmur MATTV039

Intermission                        1997    5

Mini-CD      AUS   Murmur MATTCD047

Elsewhere For Eight Minutes         1997   12   Produced by Brian Paulson

CD           AUS   Murmur MATTCD053

LP           AUS   Murmur MATTV053 (comes with bonus "Intermission" EP)

Beautiful Sharks                    1999   12   Produced by Brian Paulson

CD           AUS   Murmur MATTCD085E (initial copies came with a bonus interactive CD-ROM)
             AUS   Murmur MATTCD085

LP           AUS   Murmur MATTV085

Q & A with Dean Martin              2000   10

CD           AUS   Murmur MATTCD098 ("The Answer To Both Your Questions" EP and "Dean Martin" single)

Echolalia                           2001   13   Produced by Trina Shoemaker and Something For Kate

CD           AUS   Murmur MATTCD111 (initial copies came with an additional CD-ROM component)
             USA   (issued 2002)

LP           AUS   Murmur

The Official Fiction                2003   11   Produced by Trina Shoemaker and Something For Kate

CD           AUS   Murmur MATTCD130
             EUR   Murmur/Epic 515344 2 (issued 2004, 2 extra tracks)

LP           AUS   Murmur (limited edition of 300)

Phantom Limbs - Selected B-sides    2004   29

Double-CD    AUS   Epic

Desert Lights                       2006   10   Produced by Brad Wood

CD           AUS   SonyBMG MATTCD136

The Murmur Years - Best Of          2007   33

Double-CD    AUS   SonyBMG

shared with Jebediah:
Clint                               1998    4

Single       AUS   Murmur MATTV074 (double-7", limited edition of 500)

Contribution to album

Recovery - Ready For Transmission          1999
UnDone - The Songs Of Duran Duran          1999
Triple J - Lust For Live                   1999
Triple J - Five Alive                      1999
3RRR Used & Recorded By Vol. 3             1999
Triple J - Live and Unleashed              2001
Andrew Denton's Musical Challenge Vol. 2   2001
The Power & The Passion                    2001
Rove Live - ...Some Music                  2001
Cold - Live At The Chapel Vol. 3           2002
Standing On The Outside                    2007


Ashworth Stephanie (b) 1998-present Sandpit
Carroll Julian (b) 1994-1997
Dempsey Paul (v,g) 1994-present Ducktoucher, Johnsmith, Scared Of Horses
Hyndman Clint (d) 1994-present
Ralph Toby (b) 1997-1998 Lobtailing

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