The Spaniards

Melbourne 1983-1987



God Is A Shield     1984    2   Produced by Tony Cohen

Single   AUS   IC

Angel               1985    2

Single   AUS   EMI

What Can I Do?      1985    2

Single   AUS   EMI

Locked In A Dance   1986   ??   Produced by Mark Opitz

Mini-LP   AUS   EMI


Hellyer-Brown Russell (b) 1983-
Mannock Mark (k) 1983-
Miller Billy (g,v) 1983-1986
Pealing Mick (v) 1983-1987

Annas John (d) 198? Atlas, Gypsy c, Shadowfax, Kevin Borich Express, Marc Hunter and The Romantics, Broderick Smith's Big Combo, Stuart and McKay, The Runners, Kitto, Phil Para Band
Brown Russell (b) 198?
Purcell Kevin (k) 198?
Springfield Dave (g) 198? The Ferrets, Buster Brown, The Motivators, Lead Western

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