The Sparklers

Sydney 1985-1989



Overworking         1986    2   Produced by Alan Thorne

Single   AUS   Phantom PH-??

So Often Dreaming   1987    2

Single   AUS   Mighty Boy MB20017

Merry Go Round      1987    2

Single   AUS   Mighty Boy MB20057

Persuasion          1988   12   Produced by Les Karski

CD       AUS   Mighty Boy MBCD7008 (2 bonus tracks; "Merry Go Round" and "Overworking")

LP       AUS   Mighty Boy MBLP7008

Don't Go Changing   1989    2

Single   AUS   Mighty Boy


Abrahams Chris (k) 1985-1987
Bilson Bil (d) 1985-1989 Wooden Horse, Perfect Cousins, Rocking Horse, The Playboy Lords, The Sunnyboys, Last Temptation, Flathead
Bloxsom Colin (g) 1986-1989 Pop Rivets, F.X., The Repairs, John Kennedy's Love Gone Wrong, The Criers, Deep Blue Sea, Cleopatra Wong tour, Moondog
Corben Gerard (g) 1985-1986 The Things, Most, Lime Spiders, Adolphus, Perfect Cousins, The Cruel Sea
Grove Phil (k) 1987-1989 Off The Cuff, John Rundle and The Maulers, Fat Time, Strange Tenants, Invisible Mendez, Blue Beat Allstars, My Three Sons, Butcher's Picnic, Nightride, The Hippos
Harden Dave (d) 1989 Floyd Vincent and The Childbrides, Glass Canoe, Donny Hop and The Kings of Bop
Oxley Melanie (v) 1985-1989
Oxley Peter (b) 1985-1989 Foreplay, Wooden Horse, Shy Imposters, The Sunnyboys, Perfect Cousins, Last Temptation, Flathead
Walker Mark (g) 1985 Sweet Nothing

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