Melbourne 1989-present



Circle K                                    1991    2

Single    AUS   Au Go Go ANDA 124

P'tang Yang Kipper Bang Uh                  1991    7

Mini-CD   AUS   Au Go Go ANDA 139

Mini-LP   AUS   Au Go Go ANDA 139 (10")

ShaShaVaGlava                               1993   17

CD        AUS   Au Go Go ANDA 147 (including "P'tang Yang Kipper Bang Uh")
          AUS   Polydor (re-issue 1998)

Unfinished Spanish Galleon Of Finley Lake   1995   12   Produced by Spiderbait

CD        AUS   Polydor 529 155-2

Ivy And The Big Apples                      1996   16   Produced by Spiderbait, Phil McKellar and Paul McKercher

CD        AUS   Polydor 533 674-2

Grand Slam                                  1999

CD        AUS   Polydor (first copies with "The Dodgy Bonus Disc")
          AUS   Polydor (re-issue 2000, with "Mutated Re-Bait" bonus 5-track remix cd)

The Flight Of Wally Funk                    2001   18

CD        AUS   (bonus cd-rom component)

Tonight Alright                             2004

CD        AUS

Contribution to album

Fusebox - AC/DC Tribute                    1995
Triple J Live                              1996
Recovery  - Songs From The Back Door       1997
Where 2 Now?                               1998
Triple J - Lust For Live                   1999
Liberdade - Viva East Timor                1999
Andrew Denton's Musical Challenge Vol. 2   2001
Stoneage Cameos                            2005


English Janet (b,v) 1989-present The Shits, Happyland
Maher Mark (d,v) 1989-present The Wrights
Whittey Damien (g,v) 1989-present

Sources of information: Spiderbait Heaven
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