The Spikes

Adelaide 1984-1986,1990-



She's Melting              1983    2

Single    AUS   Greasy Pop

A Bloody Mess              1985    3

Single    AUS   Greasy Pop

Six Sharp Cuts             1985    6   Produced by The Spikes and Bob Allan

Mini-LP   AUS   Greasy Pop
          USA   Big Time BTA 003

Colour In A Black Forest   1986   11   Produced by Doug Thomas

LP        AUS   Greasy Pop
          UK    Zinger ZIN LP1 (issued 1987)


Brown Mick (v) 1984-1985 Anglo Girl Desire, Silver Trains, The Spell, MX Warhead, Purple Gang, The Falling Spikes, Truck, Jack
Goldsworthy Sheree (b,v) 1990- Milky Bar Kids, Soda Jerx
List Ian (v,g,b) 1985-1986,1990- No Action, The Dagoes, Main Feature, Fun Fun Fun, The Assassins, The Falling Spikes, The UV's (UK), Ian List and The UV's, Contrapunctus
Selene Jim (b) 1984-1985 The Valuables, The Silvertrains, The Spell, Bloodloss, Zulu Rattle, The Primevils, The Falling Spikes, Sister Sludge, Free Moving Curtis
Sharm Paul (d) 1990- Last Resort
Swanborough Greg (d,bv) 1984-1986 Safety In Numbers, The Nightflyers, Strawhouse Blues Band, The Falling Spikes
Thomas Doug (g,bv) 1984-1986,1990- Daryl Breakaway and The Niggers, The Dagoes, Main Feature, The Assassins, The Falling Spikes, Jack, The UV's
Tizard James (g,b) 1985-1986 Finnigan's Wake, Precious Moments, Ex Novelties, Max's Case, Safety In Numbers, Nightflyers, The Dagoes, Strawhouse Blues Band, Fullhouse Blues Band, The Falling Spikes, The Lizardmen
Willard Chris (b) 1986 Head On, The Crawling Eye, Teenage Gurus, Acid Drops, Lizard Train, Revenge of The Gila Monster, The Twenty Second Sect, The UV's, Contrapunctus

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