The Splatterheads

Sydney 1986-1996



The Filthy Mile         1988

LP       AUS   Waterfront

Ink of a Madman's Pen   1989

LP       AUS   Waterfront

Destroyer               1990

Single   AUS   Waterfront

Teenage Kicks           1992

Single   AUS   Waterfront

Bot                     1993

CD       AUS   Dogmeat

Joined At The Head      1996

CD       AUS


Carroll Adrian (g) 1986-1989 Revolution
Faulkner Sly (v,g) 1986-1996 Greenhouse Effect, Red Planet Rockers, Reality Damage
Fletcher Christo (v,g) 1986-1995 Walls of Noise, Iron Worm, Samsara, Motor Mouth, The Dirt Band
Herbert Marty (d,v) 1993-1996 The Blind Society, Mammal
Scott Micky (d) 1986-1992 Renegade, Death of a Nun
Thompson Peter (b) 1986-1996 Death of a Nun

Sources of information: Christo Fletcher
© Magnus Holmgren
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