The Sports

Melbourne 1976-1981



Fair Game                      1976

EP          AUS   Zac

Reckless                       1978   11   Produced by Joe Camilleri

CD          AUS   Mushroom D19764 (issued 1993)
            AUS   Mushroom MUSH32404.2

LP          AUS   Mushroom L36671

MC          AUS   Mushroom

Don't Throw Stones             1979   12   Produced by Pete Solley and Dave Robinson

CD          AUS   Mushroom
            AUS   Mushroom MUSH32471.2

LP          AUS   Mushroom (some issues came with "Reckless" bonus single)

Don't Throw Stones             1979   12

LP          GER   Ariola 201 020-320
            UK    Sire SRUK 6001
            USA   Arista AB 4249

MC          GER   Ariola 401 020-352

O.K.U.K.                       1979

EP          AUS   Mushroom

Suddenly                       1980   12

CD          AUS   Mushroom
            AUS   Mushroom MUSH3240.2

LP          AUS   Mushroom L37131 (with limited edition "The Lost Demo" 7")

MC          AUS   Mushroom

Sondra                         1981   14   Produced by Cameron Allan

CD          AUS   Mushroom D19765 (issued 1993)
            AUS   Mushroom MUSH32405.2

LP          AUS   Mushroom

MC          AUS   Mushroom

Play Bob Dylan (and Donovan)   1981    5

EP          AUS   Mushroom L20007 (10")

All Sports                     1982   16

CD          AUS   Mushroom

LP          AUS   Mushroom

MC          AUS   Mushroom

Missin' Your Kissin'           1988

LP          AUS   Raven

Rollercoaster                  1993

CD          AUS   (4/17 tracks, released under the name "Stephen Cummings")

This Is Really Something       1997   36

Double-CD   AUS   Mushroom MUSH33011.2
            AUS   Mushroom (re-issue 1999)

Definitive Collection          2004   36

Double-CD   AUS   Festival 337762

Contribution to album

Debutantes                       1977
Nightmovin' Live #2              1978
The Mushroom Evolution Concert   1982
Rocking Australia Live           1982
Mushroom 25 Live                 1998


Armiger Martin (g) 1978-1981
Bates Ed (g) 1976-1978
Cummings Stephen (v) 1976-1981
Glover Robert (b) 1976-1981 Myriad, Silver Studs, Hi Tones, Big Kombi, A Ring Of Truth, The Groop
Hitchins Paul (d) 1976-1980 Gulliver Smith, Mother Goose, The Nighthawks, The Sundowners, Tinsley Waterhouse Band, Joyce Brothers, Fat Sam and The Gleetones, Riddum Shakers, A2Z Reggae, Slim Jim & The Fatts, Jim Fisher, Dave Warner, Ernie Dingo, Lucky Oceans, The Riddum Shakers, Eliot Vlatko, The Lovebites, Ivan Zar, Phil Moncreif
McLennan Iain (d) 1980
Niven Jim (v,k) 1976-1980 The Pink Finks, Pete Watson's Rockhouse, Procla/Proclamation, Jellybean Jug Band, Like Fun, Captain Matchbox Whoopee Band, The Humans, Carnival, Layabouts, Crosscut Saw
Pendlebury Andrew (g,v) 1976-1981
Strauks Freddie (d) 1980-1981 Spare Parts, Sound Pump, Clap Trap, Frame, Skyhooks, Humans, The Gentlemen, Jo Jo Zep and The Falcons, Bushwackers, Sharyn Anderson Band, Watt's Cookin, Frankie's Big Night Out, M. Parker and The Heartbeats, Hot Wires, Strange Bedfellows, Ol'Skydaddies
Symons Red (k) 1980 Moloch and The Molecules, Scumbag, Skyhooks, Red Symons Band

Sources of information: Lovetown (Stephen Cummings), Toby Creswell: Too Much Ain't Enough - The Authorised Jimmy Barnes Biography, Stefan Warnqvist, Paul Hitchins
© Magnus Holmgren
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