Rick Springfield



Beginnings                      1972   10   Produced by Robie Porter

LP          AUS   Sparmac Records SPL 003
            UK    Capitol SMAS-11047
            USA   Capitol SN-16251 (re-issue)

Comic Book Heroes               1973   11   Produced by Robie Porter

LP          UK    Capitol SMAS-11206
            USA   Columbia KC-32704

Mission Magic!                  1974   16   Produced By Robie Porter

CD          EUR   Soundwings 102.1071-2 (entitled "Speak To The Sky", 1 extra track "Speak To The Sky")

LP          AUS   Wizard

Wait For Night                  1976   10   Produced by Mark K. Smith

LP          GER   RCA NL84235 (re-issue 1982)
            USA   Chelsea

MC          GER   RCA NK84235

Working Class Dog               1981   10   Produced by Rick Springfield, Bill Drescher and Keith Olsen

CD          GER   RCA ND84766
            USA   RCA

LP          GER   RCA PL 13697
            UK    RCA LP 6014
            USA   RCA AFL1-3697
            USA   RCA AYL1-4766 (re-issue)

MC          UK    RCA K 6014

Success Hasn't Spoiled Me Yet   1982   12   Produced by Keith Olsen


LP          UK    RCA LP 6033 (different sleeve)
            USA   RCA AFL1-4125
            USA   RCA AYL1-4767 (re-issue)

MC          UK    RCA K 6033 (different sleeve)

Living In Oz                    1983   10   Produced by Rick Springfield and Bill Drescher

CD          USA   RCA PCD14660

LP          GER   RCA PL 14660
            GER   RCA PL 84660 (re-issue?)
            UK    RCA PL 84660
            USA   RCA AFL1-4660

MC          UK    RCA PK 84660

Hard To Hold (O.S.T.)           1984   10   Produced by Rick Springfield and Bill Drescher

CD          USA   RCA

LP          GER   RCA BL 84935
            USA   RCA ABL1-4935 (7/10 tracks)

Beautiful Feelings              1984   10   Produced by Joey D. Vieira and Tom Perry

CD          HOL   Mercury 824 107-2

LP          HOL   Mercury 824 107-1

MC          HOL   Mercury 824 107-4

Tao                             1985   10   Produced by Rick Springfield and Bill Drescher

CD          FRA   RCA PD 85370
            USA   RCA

LP          GER   RCA PL 85370
            USA   RCA AJL1-5370

Rock Of Life                    1988   10   Produced by Keith Olsen and Rick Springfield

CD          GER   RCA PD 86620
            USA   RCA 6620-2-R

LP          GER   RCA PL 86620
            USA   RCA 6620-1-R

MC          GER   RCA PK 86620
            USA   RCA 6620-4-R

Greatest Hits                   1988   10

CD          GER   Evergreen 2690112 CD

Greatest Hits                   1989   12

CD          GER   RCA PD90394
            USA   RCA 9817-2-R

LP          USA   RCA 9817-1-R

Best Of                         1996   19

CD          EUR   Camden 74321 43160 2

Ultimate Collection             1998

CD          AUS

Anthology                       1999   23

CD          AUS

Karma                           1999   13   Produced by Rick Springfield and Bill Drescher

CD          JAP   (issued 1998, added acoustic "Jessies Girl", missing "Big Beautiful Friday Night")
            USA   Platinum 15095 9561 2

The Greatest Hits... Alive      2001   18

CD          USA   Hip-O Records (issued 2000, limited collectors edition of 5500 handnumbered and signed, added "All Day and All of the Night", missing "Gloria", bonus disc with demos and videos)
            USA   Hip-O Records/Universal

Shock/Denial/Anger/Acceptance   2004

CD          USA   (limited edition of 3500 numbered and hand signed, includes 1 bonus CD with 18 tracks + DVD)

Written In Rock - Anthology     2005   42

Double-CD   EUR   RCA/Legacy 82876 67254 2

The Day After Yesterday         2005

CD          USA   (limited edition of 2500 numbered and hand signed, includes 1 bonus CD + DVD)


Sahara Snow   cd   Sahara Snow   1997

Session musician

Russell Morris   lp   Bloodstone   1971
Marcia Hines     lp   Ooh Child    1980


Group X
Moppa Blues Band 1964/1965 Mick Elliott
Jordy Boys
MPD Ltd 196? Mike Brady, Phil Blackmore, Danny Findlay, Gary Howard, Pete Watson
Daniel Jones Group 1967 Daniel Jones, Dennis Magee, John Morgan
Pete Watson's Rockhouse 1968 Ray Eames, Ollie Fenton, Danny Findlay, Leigh Horton, Jimmy Niven, Pete Watson
Pete Watson's Wickedy Wak 1969 Ray Farmer, Danny Findlay, Paul Shannon, Pete Watson, Ray Wright
Zoot 1969-1971
Sahara Snow 1995-1997

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