Spy v Spy

Sydney 1980-1983,1984-present



Do What You Say          1982    2

Single      AUS   Green

Four Fresh Lemons        1983    4

Mini-LP     AUS   Green (limited edition of 1000 copies)
            AUS   Green (re-issue)

Six Fresh Lemons         198?    6

Mini-LP     NZL   ("Four Fresh Lemons" and "Do What You Say")

Meet Us Inside           1984    5

Mini-LP     AUS   Powderworks

Harry's Reasons          1986   10   Produced by Leszek Karski and v Spy v Spy

CD          BRA   Tronador Music TMCL02 (2 bonus tracks + 2 video clips)

LP          AUS   Powderworks POW6106

A.O. Mod TV Vers.        1987   10   Produced by Leszek Karski

CD          BRA   Tronador Music TMCL03 (5 live bonus tracks + 2 video clips)

LP          AUS   WEA

Xenophobia (Why?)        1988   11   Produced by Les Karski and Guy Gray

CD          AUS   WEA 255 349-2
            BRA   Tronador Music TMCL04 (1 bonus track + 2 video clips)

LP          AUS   WEA
            GER   WEA 255 349-1

MC          GER   WEA 255 349-4

Trash The Planet         1989   11   Produced by Craig Leon

CD          AUS   WEA 256920-2
            BRA   Tronador Music TMCL05 (2 live bonus tracks + 2 video clips)
            GER   WEA 2292-56920-2

LP          AUS   WEA 256920-1

Spy File - The Best Of   1991   17

CD          AUS   East West

Fossil                   1994   11   Produced by Peter Cobbin, Les Karski and v Spy v Spy

CD          AUS

Because Bootlegger       1994    5

CD-EP       AUS

The Early Cases          1999   13

CD          BRA   Tronador Music TMCL01 (first single + first 2 EPs)

Mugshot: The Best Of     1999   19

CD          AUS   Festival D26388

Mugshots                 2000   30

Double-CD   BRA   (30 tracks)

Meet Us Alive            2001

CD          AUS
            BRA   Tronador Music TMSS12 (released as "Feito Na Praia")


Bloxom Craig (b,v) 1980-1983,1984-present Numbers, Shock Poets
Bryan Danny (k) 19??-present ---
Cuffe Mark (d,g,bv) 1992-1997 The Jones, Max, The Ludwigs, Mark Cuffe, Shock Poets, Glory, The Wheelers
Grigg Cliff (d,perc) 1980-1983,1984-1991 The Products, Brainspeak, Mixed Relations
Weiley Michael (g,v) 1980-1983,1984-present solo-album: "Honey Island"
Wheeler Paul (d) 1999-present Icehouse, Shock Poets, The Wheelers

Sources of information: Spy v Spy Official Site, Mark Cuffe, Tronador Music
© Magnus Holmgren
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