Dave Steel



Dave Steel:
The Hardest Part               1988    2   Produced by Graham Bidstrup

Single   AUS   WEA 7-257777

Bitter Street                  1989   ??   Produced by Graham Bidstrup

LP       AUS   WEA 256628-1

Angels Never Cry               1991   ??   Produced by Graham Bidstrup

CD       AUS   East West 9031-74299

The Last Radio                 1992

CD       AUS   Warner 4509-90146

Old Salt Blues                 1996   17

CD       AUS   Ravenswood RV-1020

The Edge of The World          1999   11

CD       AUS   Black Market DS001

Home Is A Hard Thing To Find   2001

CD       AUS

Dave Steel And The Roadside Prophets:
Cross My Palm                  1993

CD       AUS   Ravenswood RV-1004

Broken English                 1994

CD-EP    AUS   Ravenswood RV-1008

with Peter Wells and Bob Armstrong:
Hard Done By You               1993    4

CD-EP    AUS   Ravenswood RV-1005

Contribution to album

Earth Music     1994
Stories of Me   2003


Peter Baxter   cd   Since Then         1995
Peter Baxter   cd   The Miracle Bell   1997
Sammy Butcher

Session musician

Andrew Pendlebury   cd      Don't Hold Back That Feeling         1992
Ruby Hunter         track   Island Of Dreams                     1996
The Stetsons        cd      Their Most Successful Album...Ever   1997
Archie Roach        cd      Looking For Butter Boy               1997
Penelope Swales     cd      Homemade Wine                        1997
Kavisha Mazzella    cd      Fisherman's Daughter                 1998
Archie Roach        track   Mary's Boy Child                     1999
Marcia Howard       cd      Butterfly                            2000
Kasey Chambers      cd      Barricades And Brickwalls            2001
Rose Bygrave        cd      Walking Home                         2001
Cyndi Boste         cd      Push Comes To Shove                  2002
Dirty Lucy          cd      Dark Green                           2003


Relaxed Mechanics 1976 Iain Colquhoun, Peter Lillee, John Lloyd, Nick Reischbeth
Moonshine 1976-1977
The Trouts 1977 Mark Bell, Dave McNaughton, Rob Stevens, Stuart Crosby
The Satellites 1978-1981
Zeros 1981
Strange Tenants 1981 Bruce Worrall, Lawrence Maddy, Alex Formosa
Fire Below 1984-1985 Lloyd Campbell, Nigel Harrison, Michael Kennedy, Peter Myers
Weddings Parties Anything 1985-1988
The Whippersnappers 1990 Annette Crowe, Lara Goodridge, Joy Howard, Christian Powers, Tim Sechold, Steve Waters
The Flaming Toxins 1990/1991
Dave Steel Band 1990-1991 Chris Bailey, Buzz Bidstrup, Wayne Goodwin, Peter Howell, Graham Rankin, Dave Sandford
The Madisons 1992 Clyde Bramley, Brent Marks, Wayne Tritton
The Stab 1992 Jen Anderson, Paul Burton, Wayne Tritton
Dave Steel and The Roadside Prophets 1993 Wayne Tritton, Gerry Kortesgast, Darren Gower
Fireflies 199? Kavisha Mazzella, John Norton, Louis McManus, Blair Greenburg, Matthew Arnold, Justin Brady, Ben Robertson, Archie Cuthbertson, Irini Vela
The Deadly Band 1995-1997 Archie Roach, Ruby Hunter, Amos Roach, Kerry Gilmartin, Archie Cuthbertson
The Green Room 1997
? 1999- Sandy Brady, Tiffany Eckhardt
Welcome Wagon 2001- Sandy Brady, John Parry

Sources of information: Jim Love, Peter Baxter, Iain Colquhoun
© Magnus Holmgren
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