The Stems

Perth 1984-1987



Make You Mine/She's A Monster         1985    2

Single    AUS   Citadel CIT011

Tears Me In Two/Can't Resist          1985    2   Produced by Rob Younger

Single    AUS   Citadel CIT013

Love Will Grow - Rosebud Volume One   1986    4   Produced by Alan Thorne and Rob Younger

EP        AUS   Citadel CITEP903

At First Sight Violets Are Blue       1987   12   Produced by Guy Gray, Alan Thorne and Dom Mariani

CD        AUS   White D19456
          AUS   White MUSH32406.2 (re-issue)
          AUS   FMR (re-issue 2003, 12 track bonus disc)

LP        AUS   White L38735

MC        AUS   White C38735

The Great Rosebud Hoax                1987    8

Mini-LP   AUS   Citadel CITLP512 ("She's A Monster" single, "Tears Me In Two" single and "Rosebuds Vol. 1" mini-LP)

Let Your Head Rest                    1990    3

Single    AUS   Shock

Buds                                  1993   18

CD        AUS   Citadel CITCD512

Killer Weed                           1996   18

CD        ???   Running Circle RUN0011

Weedout                               1997   10

CD        AUS   House Of Wax HOWR8

Mushroom Soup (The Citadel Years)     2003   18

CD        AUS   Citadel citcd555


Champers Gary (d) 1984-1986 The Summer Suns
Lane Richard (v,g,k) 1984-1987,2003 Stonefish, The Chevelles, The Rosebuds
Mariani Dom (v,g) 1984-1987,2003 The Nit Wits, Impact, The GoStarts, The Someloves, The Summer Suns, Stonefish, The Crusoes, The Five Alive, Dom Marian's Orange, DM3, Majestic Kelp
Matthews Julian (b) 1984-1987,2003 Flying Duck, The Shivers, The Hooley Dooleys, DM3
Shaw David (d,perc) 1986-1987 Reaguns, Grave Robbers, Skinny Jims, Stonefish, The Neptunes, The Shivers, Sea Stories, The Beekeepers, The Hooley Dooleys, The Catalinas, The Boom Babies, The Chevelles, Rollercoaster
Shuttleworth John (b) 1984

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