The Stetsons

Sydney 1987,1997



The Stetsons                         1987   10   Produced by Graham Bidstrup

LP   AUS   Mercury 832 941-1

Their Most Successful Album...Ever   1997   ??   Produced by Graham Bidstrup

CD   AUS   Larrikin


Bailey Chris (b) 1987,1997 Red Angel Panic, Headband, Mount Lofty Rangers, Salvation Air Force, The Angels, Gotham City, PM, Invisible Men, Wendy Saddington Band, The Famous Nobodies, Rat Tat Tat, GANGgajang, Jimmy Barnes Band, Duffhead, The Fallen Angels, Dave Steel Band
Bee Kayellen (v) GANGgajang
Bidstrup Graham (d,k) 1987,1997
Callaghan Mark (v)
Delaney Marilyn (v) GANGgajang
Goodwin Wayne (fiddle) Flying Emus, Mary Jo Starr's Drive In Motel, Dave Steel Band
James Robert (g) GANGgajang, The Rock Party, J.J.'s Way, The Gubbs, Makers of The Uni Voice, Wendy Matthews Band
Jenkins Pixie (fiddle) 1997 Bullamakanka, John Williamson, Jimmy Barnes Band
Mombassa Reg (g,sl g,v,k) Mental As Anything, The Rock Party, Reg and Pete's Dog Trumpet
O'Doherty Peter (b) Mental As Anything, Reg and Pete's Dog Trumpet, Lullaby And Goodnight (track)
Pearse Rose (v) The Happening Thing
Plaza Martin (v,g) 1987,1997
Simpson Ian (banjo) Flying Emus, Mary Jo Starr's Drive In Motel, Baylor Brothers Band
Stapleton Geoff (k,g)

Sources of information: Pixie Jenkins, Mental As Anything Discography V1.0, Mental As Anything Official Homepage
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