Jon Stevens



Jezebel                               1980

LP       NZL   CBS

Jon Stevens                           1982

LP       AUS   Big Time

Superstar                             1992

Single   AUS   Columbia

Are U Satisfied                       1993   11   Produced by Jon Stevens and Stuart Fraser

CD       AUS   Columbia COL 474668 2
         AUT   Columbia COL 474668 2

Circle                                1996   10   Produced by Randy Jackson

CD       AUS

MC       AUS

Ain't No Life For The Faint Hearted   2004   10

CD       AUS   Circle CIRC001

The Works                             2005   14

CD       AUS   Liberation Blue BLUE0862

Contribution to album

ENZSO 2                             1998
Olympic Record                      2000
Andrew Denton's Musical Challenge   2000
The Spirit of Christmas 2000        2000


Peter Wells   cd   Everything You Like Tries To Kill You   1991
Peter Wells   cd   Meaning Of Life                         1992

Session musician

Swanee                         lp    Bushido                                 1985
Streetbeat                     12"                                           1986
John Farnham                   lp    Age Of Reason                           1988
Nick Barker and The Reptiles   lp    Goin' To Pieces                         1989
Peter Wells                    cd    Everything You Like Tries To Kill You   1991
The Black Sorrows              cd    Lucky Charm                             1994
Kate Ceberano                  cd    Kate Ceberano and Friends               1994


The Change 1982-1985 Stuart Fraser, Warwick Fraser
Noiseworks 1986-1992
Jesus Christ Superstar 1992 (stageshow) Angry Anderson, Kate Ceberano, John Farnham, Russell Morris, John Waters
Jesus Christ Superstar 1995 (stageshow) Deni Hines
Noiseworks II 1999
Happy Days (stageshow) 1999 Craig McLachlan, Rebecca Gibney, Jo Beth Taylor, Pippa Grandison
INXS 2000-2003
Noiseworks 2004

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