Chris Stockley



Steve Hoy   s   ?   1989

Session musician

The Bushwackers              lp    Bushfire                    1979
Jimmy Barnes                 lp    Bodyswerve                  1984
Incredible Penguins          ep    Incredible Penguins         1985
Jimmy Barnes                 lp    For The Working Class Man   1985
Steve Hoy                    mlp   Possession                  1987
Vacation in Harlem           lp    Vacation in Harlem          1989
Steve Hoy                    cd    Life Next Door              1990
Steve Hoy                    cd    Self Defence                1994
Various                      cd    RRRewind In The Chapel      1998


The Road Runners
Delta Set -1967
Cam Pact 1967
Axiom 1969-1971
Sunshine 1971
Ceduna 1972
Winchester 1972-1973
The Dingoes 1973-1978
Southern Cross 1977-1978
The Stockley See Mason Band 1978-1981
Scratch 1981 Richard Hauser, Joe Imbrol, Dave Stewart, Kerryn Tolhurst
The Rock Doctors 1982
Jimmy Barnes Band 1984
The Vic State Opry 198? Garrett Costigan, Steve Hoy
The Blue Healers 1986-
Steve Hoy Band 1988,1990
Spot The Aussie 1988
Roadrunners 1989
Broderick Smith Band 1990
Scarecrow 1991 Jen Anderson, Bruce Coombs, Jim Milliken, Stephen O'Prey, Annie Remsnik, Randal Terrens, Gary Young

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