The Stockley See Mason Band

Melbourne 1978-1981



Beg Steal or Borrow   1979

LP   AUS   Mushroom


Mason Glyn (g,v) 1978-1980
See Sam (g,v) 1978-1981
Stockley Chris (g,v) 1978-1981

Cappuno Brian (v) 1980 Hotspur, Ace Novelty Company
Copping Chris (k) 1980 Paramounts, Procul Harem (UK), Phil Manning Band, Richard Clapton Band, Post Mortem
Rosenberg Jeff (b) 1978-1981 Blackfeather, Hot Air Band, Eurogliders, Shots In The Dark, Baby Loves to Cha Cha
Stewart Dave (d) 1978-1981 Daniel, Scratch, Goanna, Tour de Force, Blue Healers, Brian Cadd and Max Merritt Band

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