The Stoneage Hearts

Melbourne 2001-present



Turn On         2002   11   Produced by The Stoneage Hearts

CD       AUS   Off The Hip OTH7001

Stephanie       2002    3

Single   FRA   Pop The Balloon (500 copies)

Suzie           2003    3

Single   SPA   Butterfly Records (limited edition)

Guilty As Sin   2005   11

CD       AUS   Off The Hip

Contribution to album

The Great Stems Hoax   2002


Mariani Dom (v,g) 2002-present
McDonald Danny (v,g) 2001-2002
Mickster (d) 2001-present Finkers, Crusaders, Pyramidiacs, P76
Wettenhall Ian (b,v) 2001-present Freeloaders, Seminal Rats, Hands Of Time, Philisteins

Sources of information: Danny McDonald Online
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