Perth 1986



From 20.000 Fathoms   1986

EP   AUS   Citadel CITEP904


Hitchcock Greg (g,dobro) 1986
Lane Richard (k) 1986 The Stems, The Chevelles, The Rosebuds
Mariani Dom (g) 1986 The Nit Wits, Impact, The GoStarts, The Stems, The Someloves, The Summer Suns, The Crusoes, The Five Alive, Dom Marian's Orange, DM3, Majestic Kelp
Shaw Dave (d) 1986 Reaguns, Grave Robbers, Skinny Jims, The Stems, The Neptunes, The Shivers, Sea Stories, The Beekeepers, The Hooley Dooleys, The Catalinas, The Boom Babies, The Chevelles, Rollercoaster
Zupanovich Velo (b) 1986 The GoStarts, Room To Swing A Cat, Reaguns, Grave Robbers, Skinny Jims, Fallen Angels, Palisades, The Summer Suns, Dom Mariani's Orange

Sources of information: Divine Rites
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