The Summer Suns

Perth 1986,1988-



Rachel Anne          1986    2

Single      AUS   Easter

All Away             1989

MC-Single   AUS   Waterfront (only 200 made)

Honeypearl           1990

Single      AUS   Easter

Calpurnia            1991   12

LP          AUS   House Of Wax HOWR 1 (only 1000 made, purple vinyl)
            AUS   House Of Wax (autographed and numbered different sleeves, ca 100 made)

The Angel Angeline   1994

Single      AUS   House Of Wax HOWR04

She Understands      1995

Single      USA   Bus Stop BUS043

Another Carrie Ann   1996

Single      USA   Parasol PAR 023

Bed Bugs

Mini-CD     AUS   House Of Wax

Contribution to album

Triple J - Across The Nullarbor   1990


Williams Kim (v,g,b) 1986,1988- The Real Dreamers, Louie Louie, Rising Sons, Tarantulas, Holy Rollers, Kim Salmon's Human Jukebox, Bashful

Algeri Joe (g,v) 1995-1996
Baker Jeff (g) 1989 Fallen Angels, Palisades, Rainyard, Mars Bastards
Bartolone Pascal (d,perc) 1990 Hey No Yeah, DM3
Campbell Ross (b) 1988 Sans P.S., See Through Lovelies, Noisy Bastards, The Marigolds
Chambers Gary (d) 1986 The Stems
Hird Stephen (g) 1989-1996 Feends, Heliotrope, Ju-jus
Hope Graham (b) 1990 Stolen Picassos
Kaitse Nik (d) 1989 Greg Dear and The Beautiful Losers
Kyme Steve (b) 1988 Angry Penguins
Mariani Dom (g) 1986-1988 Impact, The Nit Wits, The GoStarts, The Stems, The Someloves, Stonefish, The Crusoes, The Five Alive, Dom Mariani's Orange, DM3, Majestic Kelp
Moon Martin (d) 1988 Image, Sans P.S., Springs Into Action, Intensive Care, Room To Swing A Cat, The Marigolds, The Neptunes, The Chevelles, Mardi Picasso, Jack and the Beanstalk, Mink, Sasquatch, DM3, The Tune Bureau, Dom Mariani's Orange, Feends, King Wasabi
Zapunovich Velo (b) 1986 The GoStarts, Room To Swing A Cat, Reaguns, Grave Robbers, Skinny Jims, Fallen Angels, Palisades, Stonefish, Dom Mariani's Orange

Sources of information: Stefan Warnqvist, TweeNet, Stephen Hird
© Magnus Holmgren
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