The Sunnyboys

Sydney 1980-1984,1987-1989,1991



The Sunnyboys         1980    4   Produced by Lobby Loyde

EP          AUS   Phantom PH-7 (7")
            AUS   Phantom PH-11 (re-issue 1981, 12", new mix, different sleeve)

The Sunnyboys         1981   12   Produced by Lobby Loyde

CD          AUS   Mushroom D19478 (issued 1991)
            AUS   Mushroom MUSH32360.2
            FRA   Closer CL 0096

LP          AUS   Mushroom L37696
            AUS   Mushroom L37634 (limited edition, yellow vinyl and cover, missing "Happy Man", added "Tell Me What You Say")

Individuals           1982   10   Produced by Lobby Loyde

CD          AUS   Mushroom D19477 (issued 1991)
            AUS   Mushroom MUSH32357.2
            FRA   Closer CL 0097

LP          AUS   Mushroom L37835

Get Some Fun          1984   10

CD          AUS   Mushroom D19479 (issued 1991)
            AUS   Mushroom MUSH32358.2

LP          AUS   Mushroom RML53129

Real Live Sunnyboys   1984   11

CD          AUS   Mushroom D19233 (issued 1991)
            AUS   Mushroom MUSH32356.2

LP          AUS   Mushroom L38259

Days Are Gone         1985

Double-LP   FRA   Closer CL 0036 ("The Sunnyboys" and "Individuals" coupled together in a gatefold)

Wildcat               1989   10   Produced by Graham Bidstrup and Garth Porter

CD          AUS   RCA VPCD 0806

LP          AUS   RCA VLPI0806

Play The Best         1991   16

CD          AUS   Mushroom D24501
            AUS   Mushroom MUSH32359.2

Shakin' - Live 1991   1993   24

Double-CD   AUS   Phantom PHCD-16 (live cd + "The Sunnyboys" EP)

This Is Real          2004   42

Double-CD   AUS   Festival FEEL002

Contribution to album

The Mushroom Evolution Concert   1982
Rocking Australia Live           1982
Mushroom 25 Live                 1998


Bilson Bil (d) 1980-1984,1991 Wooden Horse, Perfect Cousins, Rocking Horse, The Playboy Lords, The Sparklers, Last Temptation, Flathead
Burgman Richard (g) 1980-1984,1991 Freelance, Shy Imposters, Coupe de Ville, The Saints, Shots in the Dark, James Griffin and The Subterraneans, The Joeys, Weddings, Parties, Anything, Da Brudders
Freedman Nick (g) 1987-1989 Egg, Olive Branch
Hincenbergs Peter (d) 1987-1989 Exstatics
Oxley Jeremy (v,g) 1980-1984,1987-1989,1991
Oxley Peter (b) 1980-1984,1991 Wooden Horse, Foreplay, Shy Imposters, Perfect Cousins, The Sparklers, Last Temptation, Flathead
Smith Bill (b) 1987-1989 ---
Andrew (b) 1989 ---

Sources of information: Stuart Coupe and Glenn A. Baker: The New Rock'n'Roll - The A-Z of Rock in The 80's
© Magnus Holmgren
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