Melbourne 1993-2004



Chrome Matrix                           1997    5

CD-EP   AUS   Shock CUT001

8 Miles High                            2000    8

CD-EP   AUS   Shagpile/Shock SHAGCD7048

The Prize Recruit                       2001   13   Produced by Kalju Tonuma

CD      AUS   Pivotal/Shock PIVOTAL0001

Identical Remote Controlled Reactions   2002   17   Produced by dw Norton, Adam Rhodes and Fetah Sabawi

CD      AUS   Pivotal/Shock PIVOTAL0002


Biro Joey (v) 2001-2004 From The Inside
Berger (v) 1993-2001
Dedman Drew (b) 1993-2004
Heist Sean (d) 1993-2004
Norton DW (g,bv) 1993-2004
Sabawi Fetah (k,bv) 1993-2004

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