Hell's Kitchen/The Superjesus

Adelaide/Melbourne 1994-present



Eight Step Rail   1996    5

CD-EP   AUS   Aloha/Warner

Sumo              1998   11   Produced by Matt Serletic

CD      AUS   Eastwest/Warner
        AUS   Eastwest/Warner 3984252612 (entitled "Sumo II", bonus 7-track live disc)
        USA   WEA (10 tracks, missing "Sink" and "Milk", added "Strips Of You")

Jet Age           2000   13   Produced by Ed Buller

CD      AUS   Aloha/Warner
        AUS   Aloha/Warner (re-issue 2001 with bonus 10-track live disc)

Rock Music        2003   10   Produced by Marc Waterman

CD      AUS   Warner (limited edition with bonus dvd)

Contribution to album

Triple J - Lust For Live              1999
Recovery - Ready For Transmission     1999
Sample People (soundtrack)            2000
Cold - Live At The Chapel Vol. 2      2001
Andrew Denton's Musical Challenge 2   2001
Power And The Passion                 2001
Triple J - Live And Unleashed         2001


Berryman Paul (d) 1994-present
Henwood Tim (g,bv) 1999-2002 Jen Anderson Band, Supermann, Plasticine, Barker, The Androids
McLeod Sarah (v,g) 1994-present
Rudd Stuart (b) 1994-present
Tennent Chris (g) 1994-1999

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