Swanee/John Swan



as Swanee:
Crazy Dreams                          1979    2   Produced by Richard Batchens

Single      AUS   WEA

Into The Night                        1980   ??   Produced by Mark Moffatt, Mark Opitz and John Swan

LP          AUS   WEA 600076

This Time It's Different              1982   ??   Produced by David Skinner and Mark Opitz

LP          AUS   WEA 600121

Ready For Action - Live In The Snow   1983   ??   Produced by Jon Kennett and John Swan

LP          AUS   WEA 250241-1

Days Gone By - The Best Of Swanee     1984   12

LP          AUS   WEA 251477-1

MC          AUS   WEA 251477-4

Bushido                               1985

LP          AUS   RCA SFL1-0126

Blood Is Thicker Than Water           1990    2

CD-Single   AUS   Mushroom

Single      AUS   Mushroom K-10106

Heart And Soul                        1998

CD          AUS   East West 0630188252

as John Swan:
It Could Have Been You                1985    2

Single      AUS   RCA

Say You'll Do Something               1985    2

Single      AUS   Mushroom K-9834

Angel                                 1986

Single      AUS   Mushroom

Lucille                               1990

CD-Single   AUS   Mushroom

Session musician

Ray Arnott         lp    Rude Dudes                    1979
Mickey Finn        lp    Mickey Finn                   1980
Kevin Borich       mlp   Shy Boys Shy Girls            1981
Australia Too      s     The Garden                    1985
Whispering Jox     s     Santa Claus Is Back In Town   1988
Oz Art For Ozone   s                                   1989
The Kelly Gang     cd    Looking For The Sun           2004
Jimmy Barnes       cd    Double Happiness              2005


Soul Union 1965
Happiness 1966
Pulse 1971-1972 Steve Ball, Adrian Bills, Ben Bishop
Hard Time Killing Floor ?,1990 Glyn Buckley, Ronnie Peers
Queen -1973 Don Walker, Steve Beleky
James Wright Band 1973
Cold Chisel 1974,1975
Mount Lofty Rangers 1974
Salvation Airforce 1975 Rick Morris, Steve Beleky
Fraternity 1974-1976
Jim Keays' Southern Cross 1975-1976
Feather 1976-1978
Swanee 1978-1985,1990
Roadworks 1986
Party Boys 1987,1992,1998-1999


Ashton Gwyn (g,bv) 1985 Stevie Wright Band, B.B. Strutt
Barnes Linda (bv) 1986 Linda Barnes Band, Jimmy Barnes Band, Stevie Wright Band
Cichon Andy (b) 1986 Innocents, Rose Tattoo, James Reyne Band, Judge Mercy, Romeo Dog, Shania Twain Band (USA)
Cook John (g) 1980 Passionfruit Club, Cremator
Cox Michael (g) 1991 Heaven, Rose Tattoo, Head Hunters, Illustrated Men, Wild Colonial Boys, Rolling Clones, Heart Attack, Peter Wells Band
Deacon Peter (k) 1991 The Foster Brothers, Roberts/Frost Band, Same Tribe
DeMarco Paul (d) 1991
Dunn Quinton (b) Morpheus, Invisible Mendez, Casual T's, Beat Party, Three Two One
Emery Wayne (sax) Slave, Rudi and The Aardvarks, Shelter
Evans Mark (b) 1982 AC/DC, Finch, Contraband, Cheetah, The Beast, Heaven, Hellcats, The Headhunters, Rolling Clones, Party Boys, Sons Of Steel, The Tom Cats, Zoo
Fenwick Gus (b) 1987 The Pleazers, Healing Force, Nightflyer, The Joy Boys
Fisher Martin (k,sax) Breakers, The Little Heroes, Innocents, Dear Enemy, Cheetah, The Gang Bang
Fraser Stuart (g) 1982
Gully Pam (v) 1985 PamDeMonium, Orphans
Haese Kelly (g) ? Heaven, Fat Lip, Hellcats, Freight Train
Heckenberg Peter (d) 1987 Bandog, Topaz, The Mystery Band, Boss, B.B. Steal, The Bombers, Black Cat Moan, Andry Anderson Band, Double Trouble
James Harvey (g) 1982 Clydehouse, Sayla, Wendy Saddington Band, Mississippi, Ariel, Sherbet, The Sherbs, Marc Hunter and The Romantics, Richard Clapton Band, The Party Boys, Sons of Don Lane, Mighty Oz Rock
Kekel Peter (k) 1980 Big Rock Band, Fabulous Zarsoff Brothers, Beast, Jimmy Barnes Band, The Tom Cats, Richard Clapton Band, died 2001.
Kelly (g) 1979
Lalor John (d) 1982 The Hurricanes, Dallimore, Stevie Wright Band, Back In Black, The Beast, Heaven, Cheetah
McFarlane Peter (d) 1979 Finch, Contraband, Chris Turner Band, Kakadu
McKay John (k) 1987 Fantasy, Stephanie Howell Band
McMahon Bill (b) 1979 Mickey Finn, The Loops, Chris Turner Band, Big Rock Band
Meyer John (g) ? Fatty Lumpkin, Huckleberry, Rudi and The Aardvarks, Ssarb, Lucy Crown, Shelter, Everest, Saracen, Rose Tattoo, Chain, Sharon O'Neill, Late For Dinner, John Meyer Band
Norbis Gary (p,sax) 1979 Fat Albert, Rainbow, Marble Soldiers
Northcott Peter (sax) 1982 John Paul Young and The All Stars, Fabulous Zarsoff Brothers, Big Rock Band, Linda Barnes Band, Stevie Wright's Hard Rain, The Joy Boys, Dragon
O'Shea Mick (d) 1988 Forever 15, Chris Turner Big Rock Band, Alex Smith Band, Mama's Darlings, Sons Of Steel, The Tom Cats, Judge Mercy, Alex Smith and The Volunteers, Alex Smith and DBM, Romeo Dog
Plimmer Greg (d) 1980 Ol'55, Chris Turner Band, The Fives, John Paul Young's Allstars, Blue Thunder, The Tom Cats
Renzella Bruno (g) 1987 Dukes, Heaven, Ko Klub Kraze, Stevie Wright's Hard Rain
Russo Cos (k) 1983 Sailor, Richard Clapton Band
Screen Phil (d) Rabbit, Heroes, Tex Pistols
Spell David (p) 1980
Strangio John (b) 1983 The Broken Things, St James Infirmary, Tintern Abbey, Tamile, Middle Earth, The Dingoes, Blackfeather, Chariot, Rockwell T. James, The Deltoids
Swan John (v)
Thornton Mick (trom) Rubert B, Johnny Kannis and Night Train
Tinson Mark (g) Rabbit, Heroes, Tex Pistols, Soda Jerks
Verkuil Taya (b,v) 1980- Le Bop
Wake Bronte (g) 1980 Cunning Stunts, Carve
Webb Peter (b) Zweck, Cunning Stunts, Latent Debris
Wilson Dennis (g) Barrington Davis Power Pact, Mecca, Kahvas Jute, Chariot, The Nightflyers, Le Bop
Young Vic (b) 1991 Lene Lovich, U.K. Misfits, Beat Crystals, Stevie Wright's Hard Rain, Pete Wells Band

Sources of information: Toby Creswell: Too Much Ain't Enough - The Authorised Jimmy Barnes Biography, Euro Barnestormers Discography, Peer Meyer, Michael Lawrence: Showtime - The Cold Chisel Story, Gwyn Ashton
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