The Swingers

NZ 1979-1982



One Good Reason           1980    2   Produced by Mike Chunn

Single   NZL   Ripper RIP002

Practical Jokers          1981   12   Produced by David Tickle

CD       AUS   Mushroom D19228 (issued 1990)
         AUS   Mushroom MUSH33085.2 (re-issue 1998, entitled "Counting The Beat", 2 extra tracks; "The Flak" and "One Good Reason")

LP       AUS   Mushroom L37635
         NZL   Ripper RIP004

MC       AUS   Mushroom C37635
         NZL   Ripper RIP004

Counting The Beat         1982   10   Produced by David Tickle

LP       USA   Backstreet BSR-5328

Starstruck                1982    2   Produced by David Tickle and Phil Judd

Single   AUS   Mushroom K8622

Punch and Judy            1982    2

Single   AUS   Mushroom K8701

Contribution to album

AK-79                              1979
Goats Milk Soap                    1981
The Mushroom Evolution Concert     1982
Starstruck (Soundtrack)            1982
Other Enz - Split Enz and Beyond   1999


Bidstrup Graham (d) 1981 tour
Gilroy Ian (d,bv) 1981-1982 Crocodiles, Whizz Kids
Hillman Bones (b,bv) 1979-1982
Judd Phil (v,g) 1979-1982
McLennan Andrew (k,bv) 1981-1982 NZ Pop, Pop Mechanics, Whizz Kids, Coconut Rough
Stiggs Buster (d) 1979-1980 After Hours, Suburban Reptiles, The Models

Sources of information: Chris Woodstra, Enztree, Stefan Warnqvist, Crowded House/Split Enz Fan-club Discography, The Swingers: Counting The Beat
© Magnus Holmgren
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