Tamam Shud

Sydney 1968-1972,1993-1995



Evolution                                 1969   11

LP       AUS   CBS

Goolutionites and The Real People         1970    9   Produced by John Bromell

LP       AUS   Warner

Got A Feeling                             1972    2

Single   AUS   Warner

Bali Waters                               1972    3   Produced by G. Wayne Thomas

EP       AUS   Warner

Permanent Culture                         1994

CD       AUS   Polydor

1968-1972 (Evolution and Goolutionites)   2002   21

CD       AUS   Tamam Shud TSCD04

Contribution to album

Morning Of The Earth (Soundtrack)   1972


Barron Peter (b) 1968-1972,1993-1995 The Sunsets, Albatross, The Bigola Bop Band
Bjerre Lindsay (v,g) 1968-1972,1993-1995
Davidson Dannie (d) 1968-1970 The Four Strangers, The Strangers, The Sunsets, Khavas Jute, Band of Light, Sky Pilot, Huntress, Steve Russell Blues Band, Peter Wells Showband
Duryea Larry (perc) 1970-1972 Heart 'n' Soul, Duck, Stevie Wright Band, Kevin Borich Express
Gaze Tim (g) 1969-1970,1970-1972,1993-1995
Lockwood Richard (sax,flute,clarinet) 1971-1972 Levi Smith's Clefs, Tully, Extradition, Albatross
Macara Nigel (d) 1970-1972,1993-1995 Stonehenge, Bootleg, Miss Universe, Ariel, Air Supply
Sinnott Kevin (d) 1970 ---
Stephenson Kevin (sax,flute,clarinet) 1970 ---
Zytnik Alex (g) 1968-1969 The Four Strangers, The Strangers, The Sunsets, Stoned Ostrich, Bootleg, Blackfeather

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