Spred/Teenage Radio Stars

Melbourne 1977-1978



Wanna Be Ya Baby   1978   2

Single   AUS   Suicide

Contribution to album

Lethal Weapons   1978


Freud James (v,g) 1977-1978
Graeme Mick (d) 1978
Harvey Tony (g) 1978 Airport, James Freud's Ego, Taxi, The Runners, The Ones, Gimix, Wendy and The Rockets, Let's Dance, Callboys
Kelly Sean (g,v) 1977-1978
Kidd Peter (d) 1977-1978
Osbourne Dave (d) 1978 Fastbuck
Prague Mick (b) 1978
Schiavello Graeme (b) 1977-1978
Voltaire Pierre (b) 1978 JAB, Models, The Marquises

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