These Immortal Souls

UK 1986-



Get Lost (Don't Lie)        1987    7

CD              UK    Mute CDSTUMM 48 (4 bonus tracks)

LP              UK    Mute STUMM 48

I'm Never Gonna Die Again   1992    8   Produced by John Rivers and These Immortal Souls

CD              JAP   (9 bonus tracks)
                UK    Mute CDSTUMM 98 (3 bonus tracks)
                USA   Mute/Elektra 9 61396-2 (3 bonus tracks)

LP              UK    Mute STUMM 98

MC              USA   Mute Elektra 9 61396-4 (3 bonus tracks)

with Sonic Youth, Gumball and Laughing Hyenas:
Loony Tune                  1991    4

Double-Single   USA   Subpop Singles Club


Howard Harry (b) 1986- Crime and The City Solution
Howard Rowland S. (v,g) 1986-
McGuckin Genevieve (k) 1986-
Soundtracks Epic (d) 1986-1992 Swell Maps (UK), Red Crayola (UK), Crime and The City Solution. died 1997

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