Michael Thomas



Michael Thomas:
Under Starter's Orders                 1998   12   Produced by Michael Thomas

CD          AUS   MJT1
            AUS   Croxton CROX001
            AUS   Croxton (re-issue 2000, different cover)

The Tank (score)                       2004

CD          AUS   Croxton CROX020

Anythings, Sure Things, Other Things   2004   15

CD          AUS   Liberation Blue BLUE0722

Mick Thomas and The Sure Thing:
Dead Set Certainty                     1999   11

CD          AUS   Croxton CROX004

Dust On My Shoes                       2001   12   Produced by Jerry Boys and Michael Thomas

CD          AUS   Croxton CROX007
            GER   twah! 122 (issued 2002, 4 bonus live tracks + videoclip)

Live Dust                              2002

CD          AUS   Croxton CROX009

The Horse's Prayer                     2003   23

Double-CD   AUS   Croxton CROX014

Something To Fight For                 2003    9

CD-EP       AUS   Croxton CROX018

Paddock Buddy                          2006   11

CD          AUS   Liberation LIBCD82202

with Dan Warner:
Five Bells                             1998

CD-Rom      AUS   Roar Film/G3

with Paul Thomas and Pete Lawler:
Over In The West                       1998   15   Produced by Michael Thomas

CD          AUS   Suitcase Records DCD 1544

Contribution to album

Used And Recorded By           1995
Yella Mundia                   1996
Music, Live From The Panel     1999

with Barb Waters:
Lullaby and Goodnight          1996

with Nick Barker:
I'm In Love...With That Song   1999


Squeeze-Box Wally           mlp    Squeeze-Box Wally       1990
The Gadflys                 cdep   The Gadflys             1991
Kavisha Mazzella            cd     Fisherman's Daughter    1998
Nick Barker                 cd     Annie Get Your Guru     1999
Weddings Parties Anything   cd     They Were Better Live   1999
Ruby Hunter                 cd     Feeling Good            2000

Session musician

Overnight Jones                     cdep   Not Brothers Anymore               1993
Barb Waters & The Rough Diamonds    cdep   Barb Waters & The Rough Diamonds   1993
Nick Barker                         cd     Annie Get Your Guru                1999
Stephen O'Prey & The Chamberlains   cd     Pink Slip                          2000
Ruby Hunter                         cd     Feeling Good                       2000
Little Murders                      cd     We Should Be Home By Now           2001


Southern Aurora
Never Never Band 1978-1980 Archie Cuthbertson, Wendy Harrison, Joe Nadoh, Brolga
The Acrobats 1982-1983 David Adams, Joe Colarazo, Archie Cuthbertson, Chris Dyson
Where's Wolfgang 1983 David Adams, Shane Day, Chris Dyson
Weddings Parties Anything 1984-1998
Michael Thomas and The Sure Thing 1999- Michael Barclay, Rosie Westbrook, Darren Hanlon, Craig Pilkington, Stuart Speed

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