Graham Thompson



Barefoot   cdep   Anchor   1993

Session musician

Various                       dlp   The Andrew Durant Memorial Concert   1980
Richard Clapton               lp    The Great Escape                     1982
Anne Kirkpatrick/Slim Dusty   lp    TSOS                                 1989
Steve Hoy                     cd    Life Next Door                       1990
C Buchanan                    cd    GITG                                 1991
The Kanes                     cd                                         1992
Richard Clapton               cd    Distant Thunder                      1993
Jenni Kane/Johanna Pigott     s     Starlight Hotel                      1993
Neil Murray                   cd    These Hands                          1993


Stars 1975-1976
Avalanche 1977-
Finch 1977-1978
Ray Burgess Band 1978
Front Page 1978/1980
Russell Morris Band 1978-1980
Russell Morris and The Rubes 1980-1981
Broderick Smith's Big Combo 1981-1982
Goldrush -1983
Richard Clapton Band 1983-1984
Strangegloves 1985-
Anne Kirkpatrick Band 1989
Richard Clapton Band 1991-1992

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