Alan Thorne



Southern Cross                      s      Been So Long                      1978
Crossfire                           lp     Direct To Disc                    1978
New Race                            lp     The First And The Last            1982
Hoodoo Gurus                        lp     Stoneage Romeos                   1984
Tribe                               mlp    War Cry                           1985
The Trilobites                      s      Venus In Leather                  1985
The Stems                           mlp    Love Will Grow                    1986
Ups And Downs                       mlp    Sleepless                         1986
The Spliffs                         s      You Know What They'll Say         1986
Screaming Tribesmen                 lp     Top Of The Town                   1986
Skolars                             mlp    Next To The Oyster                1986
The Sparklers                       s      Overworking                       1986
Paul Kelly and The Coloured Girls   lp     Gossip                            1986
Vicious Kites                       s      Taking Care Of You                1987
The Stems                           lp     At First Sight Violets Are Blue   1987
Happy Hate Me Nots                  mlp    Scrap                             1987
Vindaloonies                        s                                        1987
Pupils of Love                      s      Move It                           1987
Paul Kelly and The Coloured Girls   lp     Under The Sun                     1987
Weddings Parties Anything           lp     The Scorn Of The Women            1987
Screaming Tribesmen                 lp     Bones and Flowers                 1987
The Spliffs                         lp     House Of Seven                    1988
Huxton Creepers                     lp     So This Is Paris                  1988
Weddings Parties Anything           lp     Roaring Days                      1988
Sundogs                             12"    Game                              1988
Swinglebars                         s      Spies                             1988
The Chosen Few                      s      Rise                              1989
The Trilobites                      lp     American TV                       1989
The Mad Turks                       cd     Toast                             1990
Mary-Jo Starr                       cd     Too Many Movies                   1990
Paul Kelly and The Messengers       cds    Pouring Petrol 0n A Burning Man   1990
Paul Kelly and The Messengers       cd     Comedy                            1991
Painters And Dockers                mlp    Hickory Dickory Dock              1991
The Strange                         cdep   Kornflakes                        1992
Paul Kelly and The Messengers       cds    When I First Met Your Ma          1992
Weddings Parties Anything           cd     Difficult Loves                   1992

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