Billy Thorpe



Billy Thorpe and The Aztecs:
Poison Ivy                         1965

EP          AUS   Linda Lee

Billy Thorpe and The Aztecs        1965

LP          AUS   Parlophone

Best Of The Aztecs                 1965

LP          AUS   Parlophone

Don't You Dig This Kind Of Beat?   1966   11

LP          AUS   Parlophone
            AUS   MFP (re-issue 1968, entitled "I Got A Woman")

With Poison Ivy                    1967

LP          AUS   Calender

The Hoax Is Over                   1970

LP          AUS   Infinity

Live at Melbourne Town Hall        1971

LP          AUS   Havoc

Live at Sunbury                    1972    8

CD          AUS   Aztec Music AVSCD001 (remastered, issued 2005)

LP          AUS   Havoc

Great Hits                         1972

LP          AUS   Calender

More Arse Than Class               1974

LP          AUS   Atlantic

Steaming At The Opera House        1974

LP          AUS   Atlantic

Rock Classics                      1974    5

LP          AUS   M7

Gold                               1975

LP          AUS   Atlantic

Time Traveller                     1980

LP          AUS   Blue Goose

It's All Happening                 1981   23

LP          AUS   EMI

Anthology Vol. 1                   1994

CD          AUS

Lock Up Your Mothers               1994   38

Triple-CD   AUS

The Best and The Rest              1995

CD          AUS

The Classic Rock Collection        2000

CD          AUS

Billy Thorpe:
Million Dollar Bill                1974    9

LP          AUS   Festival 35707

Pick Me Up and Play Me Loud        1976    9

LP          AUS   Festival

Children Of The Sun                1979    9   Produced by Spencer Proffer and Billy Thorpe

LP          AUS   Capricorn
            USA   Capricorn
            USA   Polydor (re-issue)

21st Century Man                   1980    7   Produced by Spencer Proffer and Billy Thorpe

LP          AUS   Mushroom
            USA   Elektra

Stimulation                        1981    9   Produced by Spencer Proffer and Billy Thorpe

LP          AUS   Mushroom
            USA   Pasha/CBS ARZ 37499

East Of Eden's Gate                1982    9   Produced by Spencer Proffer and Billy Thorpe

LP          AUS   Pasha/CBS
            USA   Pasha/CBS FZ 38179

Children Of The Sun ...Revisited   1987   ??   Produced by Spencer Proffer and Billy Thorpe

CD          USA   Pasha/CBS

LP          AUS   Pasha/CBS
            USA   Pasha/CBS

Solo - The Last Recordings         2007   20

Double-CD   AUS   Liberation Blue

with Lobby Loyde and The Coloured Balls and Leo De Castro:
Summer Jam                         1973    3

LP          AUS

with Warren Morgan (Thump'n Pig and Puff'n Billy):
Downunda                           1973   10

CD          AUS   Aztec Music AVSCD004 (remastered, issued 2005, 4 extra tracks)

LP          AUS   Atlantic

Contribution to album

The Spirit of Christmas 1994                 1994
Mushroom 25 Live                             1998
Dirty Deeds (Soundtrack)                     2002
Sunbury - Highlights of 1973 and 1974        200?
Gimme Ted - The Ted Mulry Benefit Concerts   2003


Wendy Saddington   s   Looking Thru A Window   1971
Soundtrack             Running From The Guns   1987

Session musician

Jeff St. John       lp   Joint Effort       1970
The Wild Cherries   s    I Am The Sea       1971
Angry Anderson      cd   Blood From Stone   1990
Jimmy Barnes        cd   Double Happiness   2005


Billy Thorpe and The Aztecs 1964-1975,1976/1977
Tommy (stageshow) 1973 Daryl Braithwaite, Colleen Hewett, Jim Keays, Keith Moon, Doug Parkinson, Broderick Smith, Ross Wilson
Billy Thorpe and Million Dollar Bills 1975-1976
The Zoo 1992- Mick Fleetwood
died 2007.

Members (Billy Thorpe and The Aztecs)

Baigent Colin (d) 1964-1965 The Vibratones
Barber Tony (g) 1964-1965 The Electrons (UK), Geoff Doyle and The Resonettes, Vince and Tony Duo, Tony Barber solo
DeMarco Paul (d) 19??
Dick Johnny (d) 1965-1966 Max Merritt and The Meteors, Fanny Adams, Wild Cherries, Everest, Doug Parkinson's Life Organisation, Stevie Wright and The Allstar Band, John Paul Young and The All Stars, Doug Parkinson In Focus, Flash and The Pan, Chris Turner Band
Downes Mike (g) 1965-1966 The 4 Tops, The Crescents, The Delltones, Ray Hoff and The Offbeats
Howard Bruce (p) 1972-1973 La De Das, Levi Smith's Clefs
Loyde Lobby (g) 1968-1970
Maloney Vince (g) 1964-1965 Vibratones, Vince and Tony's Two, T Worsley and The Blue Jays, Vince Maloney's Sect, Bee Gees, Ashton,Gardner and Dyke (UK), Fanny Adams, The Cleves, Flite, McAskill, McAskill,Murphy,Maloney and Firth, Levi Smith's Clefs, Hot Rocks, Rockwell T. James, John Paul Young and The All Stars
Matthews Gil (d) 1971-1975,1976/1977 John Konrad's Kaydets, The Silhouettes, The Scorpions, The Impacts, The Clefs, Levis Smith's Clefs, John Rupert Group, Grantley Dee Band, Rain, Taurus, Chorus, Phil Manning Band, Kevin Borich Express, Morgan and Matthews, The Elks, Southern Electric, Mondo Rock, The Rondells, Richard Clapton Band, The Party Boys, Cybotron, The Rondells
Morgan Warren (p) 1970-1975,1976/1977 The Beaten Tracks, Chain, Gerry and The Joy Band, Pilgrimage, Stevie Wright and The Allstar Band, John Paul Young and The All Stars, Morgan and Matthews, Ray Arnott Band, Flash and The Pan, John Paul Young's Allstars
Murphy Kevin (d) 1970 Barry McKinn/Heinz Mendholsen Quintet, Max Reed Trio, The Wild Cherries, G. Bond Organization (UK), The Virgil Brothers, Doug Parkinson In Focus, Rush, King Harvest, Chain, McAskill,Murphy,Maloney and Firth, McAskill, Levi Smith's Clefs, Mighty Mouse, De Castro, Phil Manning Band, Mister Mix, Network, Burwood Blues Band, Christine Sullivan's Funk, Tommy Emmanuel Band
Ninnis Steve (d) 1970 ---
Risby Colin (g) 1965-1966 Ray Hoff and The Offbeats
Thompson Jimmy (d) 1968-1970 Vince and Tony's 2, Tony Worsley and The Blue Jays, Vince Maloney Sect, The New Blue Jays, Levi Smith's Clefs
Thorpe Billy (v,g,harm) 1964-1975,1976/1977
Toi Teddy (b) 1965-1966,1973-1975,1976/1977 Sundowners (NZ), Max Merritt and The Meteors, Little Sammy and The In People, Fanny Adams, Hunger, Wild Cherries, Duck, Doug Parkinson's Life Organization, Motivators
Watson John (b) 1964-1965 Vibratones
Wheeler Paul (b) 1968-1973 James Elder, The Gino Affair, The Affair, Band of Talabene, Mackenzie Theory, Theory, Bootleg Family Band, Phil Manning Band, Savannah Silver Band, Lindsay Bjerre Band, Delaney Venn, Neon Hearts

Members (Billy Thorpe and Million Dollar Bills)

Griffiths Derek (g) 1975-1976 ---
Kristian Billy (b) 1975-1976 The Dominoes, Saki and The Jive Five, Max Merritt and The Meteors, Ray Columbus and The Invaders, Keil Isles, Head Band, Crow, Pacific Eardrum (UK), Night (USA), Ian Carr's Nucleus (UK), Jealous Guys (UK)
Levine Johnny (k) 1976 Plastic Tears, E.G.O., Atla, Marcia Hines Band
Stanton Malcolm (k) 1975 The Klub, Ticket, Cycle
Thorpe Billy (v,g) 1975-1976

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