Sydney 1986-1989



Mechanical Ape/Proud Idiots Parade       1987   26

LP       AUS   Black Eye BLACK3

Dad/Thug                                 1987    2

Single   AUS   Black Eye BLACK4

Electric Woolly Mammoth                  1988   17

LP       AUS   Black Eye BLACKLP6

Everything Is Beautiful In Its Own Way   1999   28

CD       AUS   Slick 5595232


McLeod Lachlan (g) 1986-1989 The Poofters, Chicken Holder, Snot Collection, Death in Vegas, Salamander Jim, Legendary Stardust Cowboys, Bush Oysters, Hot Property, Leather Moustache, Bureau of Intelligence, The Butcher Shop, Lubricated Goat
Perkins Tex (v) 1986-1989
Reid Peter (g) 1987 Bush Oyster, Moist, Sunday School, Leather Moustache, Bureau of Intelligence, Lubricated Goat

Sources of information: Claude Malan, Bernie Maier, Tex Perkins' Other Bands / Solo Discography
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