Melbourne 1991-2000



Inside My Kitchen    1992    6

CD-EP   AUS   Id/Mercury

Sing About Life      1993   20   Produced by Tony Cohen

CD      AUS   Id/Mercury
        USA   Island/Loose Cannon (issued 1995)

Tiddas               1996   12   Produced by Joe Camilleri

CD      AUS   Id/mercury

Lethal By The Kilo   1998   12   Produced by Paul Petran and Russell Thomson

CD      AUS

Show Us Ya Tiddas    1999   13

CD      AUS

Contribution to album

All In The Family   1994
The Big Backyard    1995
Where 2 Now?        1998

Session musicians

Archie Roach                cd   Jamu Dreaming           1993
Shane Howard                cd   Time Will Tell          1993
Ruby Hunter                 cd   Thoughts Within         1994
Neil Murray                 cd   Dust                    1996   Amy and Sally
Powderfinger                cd   Internationalist        1998
Jimmy Little                cd   Messenger               1999
Weddings Parties Anything   cd   They Were Better Live   1999
Powderfinger                cd   Odyssey Number Five     2000
Christine Anu 


Singers For The Red Black And Gold 1997


Bennett Lou (v,g) 1991-2000 Djaambi, The Bloody Marys
Dastey Sally (v,g) 1991-2000
Saunders Amy (v,perc) 1991-2000 Djaambi, The Bloody Marys

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