Louis Tillett



Ego Tripping At The Gates Of Hell   1987    8   Produced by Louis Tillett (and Bruce Callaway)

LP          AUS   Citadel CITLP509
            GER   Normal CGAS802

A Cast Of Aspersions                1990    8   Produced by Louis Tillett and Charlie Owen

LP          AUS   Citadel
            GER   Normal CGAS812

Letters To A Dream                  1992   10   Produced by Barry Wolfison with Louis Tillett

LP          AUS   Citadel
            GER   Normal CGAS816

Cry Against The Faith               1998   10

CD          AUS   (issued 1999, 9 tracks)
            GER   Normal

Live At The Basement                2001

CD          AUS

with Charlie Owen:
The Ugly Truth                      1994   11   Produced by Charlie Owen

CD          AUS   Normal/Return To Sender RTS5 (Limited Edition of 2.000 copies)

Midnight Rain                       1995   10   Produced by Tony Cohen

CD          AUS   Normal/Return To Sender RTS18 (Limited Edition of 2.000 copies)

Double-CD   AUS   Red Eye/Polygram REDCD52/529 339-2 ("Midnight Rain" + 5 tracks from "The Ugly Truth", different sleeve)

Contribution to album

Triple J Live At The Wireless   1991
Triple J - Studio 22            2002

with Charlie Owen:
Storming The Citadel            1998


Bughouse   s   V for Vendetta   1989

Session musician

The Laughing Clowns    lp     Ghosts Of An Ideal Wife          1985
Ed Kuepper             lp     Electrical Storm                 1986
The Celibate Rifles    lp     The Turgid Miasma of Existence   1986
Died Pretty            lp     Free Dirt                        1986
Happy Hate Me Nots     mlp    Scrap                            1987
The New Christs        s      Dropping Like Flies              1987
The Plunderers         mlp    Trust Us                         1988
The Sea Monsters       lp     Fuzz Dice Cult                   1989
The New Christs        lp     Distemper                        1989
Tex, Don and Charlie   cd     Monday Morning Coming Down...    1995
Penny Ikinger          cdep   Songs From The Deep              2001


The Wet Taxis 1980-1988
No Dance 1983 Brett Myers, Damien Lovelock, Bruce Callaway
Paris Green 1984-1986,1991 Charlie Owen, Melanie Oxley and others
Louis Tillett and The Ego Trippers From Hell 1988
Catfish 1989
Louis Tillett and His Cast of Aspersions 1990-1992

Members (Louis Tillett and His Cast of Aspersions)

Bastiaans Lenny (b) 1990 Great White Noise, Funkicide
Burdett Louis (d) 1990 Powerhouse, Raries, Paris Green, Ed Kuepper Band, The New Christs, Wrong Kind of Stoneage, A.T.Well Quartet, Penguins On Safari, Satelite Riders, The Whitlams
Fisher Nick (d) 1991-1992 Lighthouse Keepers, Wet Taxis, Paris Green, Ed Kuepper Band, The New Christs, Damien Lovelock's Wigworld, Bughouse
Ikinger Penny (g) 1990
Kennedy Damian (b) 1992 Blue Sierra
Morphett Jason (sax) 1990 Lindsay Bjerre Band, Benders, Bedtime Stories
Murphy John (d) 1990 Crime and The City Solution, The The (UK), Gene Loves Jezebel (UK), Orchestra Of Skin and Bone, The Wreckery, Max Q
Orszaczky Jackie (b) 1991 Bakery, Syrius, Marcia Hines Band, Le Bop, Industrial Accident, Jump Back Band, The Wig World, Gyan, Hungarian Rap-Sadists, Duffhead, Stephen Cummings Band, Bass, The Godmothers, The Groove Kings
Owen Charlie (g) 1990
Spence Dianne (sax) 1991-1992 Great White Noise, Carnival of Souls, Wet Taxis
Stringer Mary-Ellen (bv) 1990,1992 Kings of The World, Red Dress
Tillett Louis (v,k,harm) 1990-1992
Watson Colin (g) 1991-1992 Slim Dusty, Reg Lindsay, Levi Smith's Clefs, The Hard Rockin' Dudes, Anne Kirkpatrick Band, Steve Hoy Band, Sinners Saved By Grace

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