Kerryn Tolhurst



with Greg Quill:
So Rudely Interrupted   2003   11   Produced by Kerryn Tolhurst

     CAN   True North


Paul Kelly                   cd   Deeper Water              1994
The Black Sorrows            cd   Lucky Charm               1994
Jeff Lang                    cd   Native Dog Creek          1996
The Pigrim Brothers          cd   Didj'un                   1998
Jeff Lang                    cd   Cedar Grove               1998
Steve Boyd & The Preachers   cd   Shroud of Treason         1998
The Black Sorrows            cd   Beat Club                 1998
Goanna                       cd   Spirit Returns            1998
House Of Circles             cd   Swell                     1999
Bruce Henderson              cd   Beyond The Pale           1999
Cyndi Boste                  cd   Home Truths               1999
Skip Sail                    cd   Skip Sail                 2000
Jeff Lang                    cd   Everything Is Still       2000
Freyja                       cd   The Siren's Odyssey       2000
Russell Crowe                cd   Bastard Life or Clarity   2000
The Pigram Brothers          cd   Jiir                      2001
Cyndi Boste                  cd   Push Comes To Shove       2002
Chris Wilson                 cd   King For A Day            2002
Quill/Tolhurst               cd   So Rudely Interrupted     2003
Jimmy Norman                 cd                             2003

Session musician

Carrl Myriad        lp    Of All The Wounded People            1971
Terry and Frankie   lp                                         1973
Benjamin Hugg       lp    Early One Morning                    1974
Bluestone           lp    Bluestone                            1974
Mike McClellan      lp    Ask Any Dancer                       1974
Bobby Bright        lp    Bobby Bright                         1975
Linda George        lp    Step By Step                         1975
Greg Quill          lp    The Outlaw's Reply                   1975
Little River Band   lp    After Hours                          1976
Anne Kirkpatrick    lp    LTSKFN                               1976
Ray Burgess         lp    Not So Pretty                        1976
Lee Conway          lp    LMTWGR                               1976
Dutch Tilders       lp    Working Man                          1977
Ellen Foley                                                    1979
Various             dlp   The Andrew Durant Memorial Concert   1980
Ross Wilson         lp    Dark Side Of The Man                 1989
Paul Kelly          cd    Deeper Water                         1994
The Black Sorrows   cd    Beat Club                            1998
Cyndi Boste         cd    Home Truths                          1999
Dave Steel          cd    Home Is A Hard Thing To Find         2001
Cyndi Boste         cd    Push Comes To Shove                  2002
Chris Wilson        cd    King For A Day                       2002
The Revelators      cd    The Revelators                       2002


Blues Merchants
Vacant Lot
Adderly Smith Blues Band 1966-1968 Joe Camilleri, Broderick Smith, Fat Fred Bond, Peter Carland, Gary Collier, Mark Dindas, Colin Graham, Noel Herridge, Ron Isaac, Mark Kozuch, Paul Lever, Graham Matters, Doug Stirling
Sundown 1970-1971 Mark Barnes, Mike Edwards, Steve Edwards, Keith Glass, David Green, Dave Redapple, Broderick Smith, Barry Windley, Richard Wright
Country Radio 1972-1973
Mississippi 1973
The Dingoes 1973-1978
Tremors 1979 Alex Burns, James Gillard, Peter Reed
Richard Clapton Band 1980-1981
Scratch 1981 Richard Hauser, Joe Imbrol, Dave Stewart, Chris Stockley
Phil Manning Band 1981-1984 Jeff Burstin, Chris Copping, Peter Cuddihy, Robbie Dillon, John Grant, John James Hackett, Phil Manning
Rattling Sabres (USA) -1987 Robert Price, Ivan Kral, Tony Shanahan
Rattling Sabres 1987- Leyton Greening, Lindsay Hodgson, John Lee, Chong Lim, Bruce Nightingale, Robert Price
The Black Sorrows 1994
Goanna 1998

Sources of information: Lindsay Nightingale, Quill/Tolhurst
© Magnus Holmgren
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