Kalju Tonuma



Nick Barker              cd      Damn Mermaids!               1996
The Mavis's              cd      Venus Returning              1996
Frenzal Rhomb            cd      Not So Tough Now             1997
Dogbuoy                  cd      Dogbuoy                      199?
Insurge                  cd      Power To The Poison People   199?
Deadstar                 cd      Milk                         1997
Boom Crash Opera         cd      Gizmo Mantra                 1997
The Mavis's              cd      Pink Pills                   1998
Pulling Face             cd                                   199?
Kirsty Stegwazi          cd      A Good Day                   199?
Effigy                   cd      Century Collapsing           199?
Hunters and Collectors   cd      Juggernaut                   1998
28 Days                  cd      Kid Indestructible           199?
Elephant Gun             cd      Albino                       199?
Felicity Hunter          cd      Hardcore Adore               199?
Tony Lee Scott           cd                                   199?
Insurge                  cd      Globalisation                199?
Deadstar                 cd      Somewhere Over The Radio     1999
Primitive Ghost          cd
The Mavis's              cd      Rapture
28 Days                  cd      Upstyle Down
Bodyjar                  cd      How It Works                 2001
Superheist               cd      The Prize Recruit            2001
Area 7                   cd      Say It To My Face
Bodyjar                  cd      Plastic Skies
Bodyjar                  track   Back On The Borderline       2001
Diana Ah Naid            cd                                   2002

Session musician

Straitjacket Fits        cd   Melt           1991
Boom Crash Opera         cd   Gizmo Mantra   1997
Hunters and Collectors   cd   Juggernaut     1998


Fear Of Flying
The Shenteres
Deadstar 1998

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