The Trilobites

Sydney 1984-



Venus In Leather                     1985    2   Produced by Alan Thorne

Single    AUS   Citadel CIT014

American TV                          1986    2   Produced by Chris Masuak

Single    AUS   Citadel CIT023

Night Of Many Deaths                 1987    2   Produced by Chris Masuak

Single    AUS   Big Time BTS-6

Turn It Around                       1988    9

LP        AUS   Waterfront DAMP 69

Jenny's Wake                         1988    2

Single    AUS   Waterfront DAMP 78

I Can't Wait For The Summer To End   1988    4   Produced by The Trilobites

Mini-LP   AUS   rooArt 872 259-1 (including a "hidden" track)

Fuck = Love                          1989

Mini-LP   AUS   rooArt 874 947-1

American TV                          1989   ??   Produced by Alan Thorne and Chris Masuak

CD        AUS   Citadel
          GER   Normal CGAS810

Savage Mood Swing                    1989   10   Produced by Steve James

CD        AUS   rooArt 838 935-2
          EUR   rooArt 842 646-2

LP        AUS   rooArt 838 935-1

MC        AUS   rooArt 838 935-4
          EUR   rooArt 842 646-4

Tear You Apart                       1991    2   Produced by Rob Younger

Single    AUS   Citadel CIT051

The Lost Generation                  1992    6   Produced by Rob Younger

CD        AUS   Citadel CITCD525 (8 tracks, including "Tear You Apart")

Mini-LP   AUS   Citadel CITLP525

Shared with Tall Tales And True:
You Got Your Troubles                1988    2   Produced by Nick Mainsbridge

EP        AUS   Survival SR1202
          AUS   rooArt


Abbot Glen (d) 19??- ---
Dalton Mike (v) 1984-1989 The Psychotics, Freaks of Nature
Leighton Scott (b) 1984- United Underworld
Martini Martin (g,bv) 1984- United Underworld, Spurs for Jesus
Skates Paul (g,bv) 1984- United Underworld
Slater Gary (v) 1991- The Viscounts, Voodoo Lust
Styman Paul (d) 1984-1989 United Underworld, Freaks of Nature

Sources of information: Tapani Taka, Divine Rites
© Magnus Holmgren
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