Melbourne 1993-



Truckasaurus   1993

CD-EP   AUS   Siren 19


Bates Ed (g) 1993-
Ferrie Mark (b) 1993-
Grant Nick (g) 1993- Intoxica, The Trailblazers
Lee Graham (pd st) 1993-199?
Lubran Martin (pd st) 199?- Spiny Norman, Hunters and Collectors, Permanent Press, The Dying People, Apocalypse, Connection, Great Temptation, Red=Yellow=Blue, The Index, The Possom Hunters, The Slaughtermen, Mercy Mercy, Dave Graney and The White Buffalos, The Trailblazers, George Huxley's International Velvet
Miller Lisa (v) 1993-
Thornton Tony (d) 1993- Roadwork, Clean Cut, Front Page, Sidewinder, Paul Kelly and The Dots, Young Homebuyers, Manic Rockers From Hell, The Possum Hunters, The Real McCoys, The Slaughtermen, The Trailblazers

Sources of information: Kim Beissel
© Magnus Holmgren
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