Woolongong/Sydney 1990-present



Captain's Log          1991    2   Produced by Mark Arm and Jack Endino

Single          AUS   Waterfront

Stoned                 1992    2

Single          AUS   Waterfront

Tumbleweed             1992    3   Produced by Doug Colson

EP              AUS   Waterfront

Theatre of Gnomes EP   1992    5

CD-EP           AUS   Waterfront ("Tumbleweed" EP and "Stoned" single)

Weedseed EP            1992    5   Produced by Doug Colson

CD-EP           AUS   Waterfront

Double-Single   AUS   Waterfront

MC-EP           AUS   Waterfront

Acid Rain              1992

CD-Single       AUS   Waterfront

Tumbleweed             1992   12   Produced by Doug Colson

CD              AUS   Waterfront

MC              AUS   Waterfront

Tumbleweed             1992

CD              USA   Seed/Atlantic (all tracks from "Theatre of Gnomes", "Weedseed" and "Acid Rain")

Daddy Longlegs         1993    3

CD-Single       AUS

Galactaphonic          1995   14   Produced by Paul McKercher

CD              AUS   Polydor

MC              AUS   Polydor

Return To Earth        1996   14   Produced by Paul McKercher

CD              AUS   Polydor 533 058-2 (limited edition with bonus ten-track disc "Ready Be Wednesday")

Ready By Wednesday     1996   10

CD              AUS   Polydor ("Return To Earth" bonusdisc)

New album 1998

Contribution to album

Triple J Live At The Wireless 3   1993
The Big Backyard                  1995


Achille Dave (g) 1995 Full Tab
Cox Simon (d) 1998-present Died Pretty
Curley Jason (b) 1990-199? Proton Energy Pills, Yes-Men
Curley Lenny (g,bv) 1990-present Proton Energy Pills
Hausmeister Paul (g) 1990-1995 Unheard, Monstrous Blues
Houston Matt (b)
Lally Phil (b)
Lewis Richie (v) 1990-present Proton Energy Pills
Lynch Alex (g) 1995- Clarence Lives In a Bucket, Organic Kents, Fridge
O'Brien Steve (d) 1990-1995 Unheard, Monstrous Blues
Rieth Nik (d) 1995-1998 The Celibate Rifles, Deniz Tek Band, The Deniz Tek Group, The New Christs, Brother Brick

Sources of information: Steve O'Brien
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