Turbo Luv Nuns

Melbourne 1987-



They Don't Know   198?

Maxi   AUS   Musicland


Charles Ronnie (v) 1987-
Coughlan Peter (b) 1988 Zeroes, Goanna, They Accidently Sued Themselves, White Light Orchestra, The Blues Power Band
Edwards Lisa (bv) 198?
Greig Mark (g) -1988
McKenna Des (d) 1988 Banshee, Matchbox, Jo Jo Zep Band, Blowout, Black Coffee, Prince Nyah and The Slaves of Sin, Wendy Saddington Band, Randy and Jah Roots, Temple Of Boom, Marco du Polo and the Swinging Palace of Joy, Kia Kaha, Five Little Cosmonauts, Kali Kali Green

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