Mick Turner



Tren Phantasma   1997

CD   USA   Drag City

Marlan Rosa      1999

CD   AUS   Festival


Sick Things 1979-1982,1988 Dugald McKenzie, Geoff Sick, Gary Sick, Tim Hemersley
Wank 1980-1982 
Spew Forth 1982
Fungus Brains 1982-1983,1985-1987 Simon Adams, Paula Henderson, Ricky Howell, Jeff Lea, Peter Maddicks, Geoff Marks, Simon Sleigh, Peter Villiger, Andrew Walpole
The Moodists 1983-1984
Venom P. Stinger 1985-1989,1991-1992,1993-1996
The Dirty Three 1992-present
The Tren Brothers ???? Jim White

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