The Twilights

Adelaide 1964-1969



I'll Be Where You Are                    1965    2

Single      AUS

Come On Home                             1965    2

Single      AUS

If She Finds Out                         1966    2

Single      AUS

Baby, Let Me Take You Home               1966    2

Single      AUS

Bad Boy                                  1966    2

Single      AUS

The Twilights                            1966   12   Produced by David MacKay

CD          AUS   EMI 8 55272 2 (issued 1996)

LP          AUS   EMI/Columbia
            AUS   Music For Pleasure (re-issue 1968)

What's Wrong With The Way I Live?        1967    2   Produced by Norman Smith

Single      AUS

Young Girl                               1967    2

SIngle      AUS

The Way They Play                        1967    2

Single      AUS

Once Upon A Twilight...                  1968   ??   Produced by David MacKay

LP          AUS   EMI/Columbia

Best Of                                  1969

LP          AUS   EMI/sanity

The Way They Played                      1978   22

CD          AUS   Raven RVCD-03 (issued 1996, 6 bonus tracks)

LP          AUS   EMI
            AUS   Raven (re-issue 1989)

MC          AUS

Twilight Time Live                       1983

LP          AUS   Raven

Glenn Shorrock: The First Twenty Years   1985   34

Double-CD   AUS   EMI 7 46306 8 (8/34 tracks)

Double-LP   AUS   EMI


Barnard Frank (d) 1964-1966 The Hurricanes
Brideoake Peter (g) 1964-1969 The Hurricanes, Pastoral Symphony
Britten Terry (g) 1964-1969
Bywaters John (b) 1964-1969 The Hurricanes, Pastoral Symphony
McCartney Clem (v) 1964-1969 The Checkmates, Pastoral Symphony
Peek Kevin (g) 1964 The Hurricanes, Johnny Broome and The Handels, James Taylor Move, Quartet, Sky
Pryor Laurie (d) 1966-1969 Pastoral Symphony, Healing Force, Chain
Shorrock Glenn (v) 1964-1969

Sources of information: Impact #2, Stefan Warnqvist
© Magnus Holmgren
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