Melbourne 1985-



Colour Your Mind               1987    4

EP       AUS   Cleopatra MLCR102

Want of a Rhyme                1988    2

Single   AUS   PolyEster LUV 5

Succeeds When Daylight Fails   1989   11   Produced by Dave Hannan and Tyrnaround

CD       AUS   PolyEster LUV 12CD

LP       AUS   PolyEster LUV 12

MC       AUS   PolyEster LUV 12 CASS

Go Back                        1992   ??   Produced by Dave Hannan

LP       AUS   PolyEster


Fidler Peter (g,bv) 1985- ---
Gardner Ken (k) 1985-1990 The Unstrung Harp
Gray Gavin (d,bv) 1985- The Unstrung Harp, The Playground
Phillips Michael (v) 1985- Sgt. Pepper Tribute, White Album Tribute Band (The Quarrelmen), died 1999.
Underhill Leigh (b,bv) 1985- The Unstrung Harp, The Playground

Sources of information: Freakbeat On-Line: Tyrnaround
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