Vanda and Young



Harry Vanda:
I Love Marie                       1969    2

Single      AUS   Polydor NH-56-357

as Paintbox:
Get Ready For Love                 1970    2

Single      UK    Youngblood YB 1013

Come on Round                      1972    2

Single      UK    President PT-384

as Tramp:
Vietnam Rose                       1970    2

Single      UK    Youngblood YB 1014

as Grapefruit:
Sha-sha                            1971    2

Single      UK    Deram DM 343

as Haffy's Whiskey Sour:
Shot In The Head                   1971    2

Single      UK    Deram DM 345

as Vanda and Young:
Lazy River                         1971

Single      AUS   Albert

The Vanda & Young Story            1976

LP          AUS   Drum/Albert DRUM.8182/BALP.10291

Their Music Goes Round Our Heads   1992

Double-CD   AUS   Albert 471653 2


John Miles                                                                1970
Jackie Christian and Flights   s     Love                                 1974
AC/DC                          s     Rockin' In The Parlour               1974
William Shakespeare            lp    William Shakespeare                  1974
Stevie Wright                  lp    Hard Road                            1974
Stevie Wright                  lp    Black Eyed Bruiser                   1975
John Paul Young                lp    Hero                                 1975
AC/DC                          lp    High Voltage                         1975
AC/DC                          lp    T.N.T.                               1975
Flash And The Pan              s     Hey, St. Peter                       1976
John Paul Young                lp    J.P.Y.                               1976
The Angels                     s     Am I Ever Gonna See For Face Again   1977
AC/DC                          lp    Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap          1976
AC/DC                          lp    Let There Be Rock                    1977
The Angels                     lp    The Angels                           1977
Punkz                                                                     1977
Cheek                          s                                          1978
Rose Tattoo                    lp    Rose Tattoo                          1978
John Paul Young                lp    Love Is In The Air                   1978
Flash And The Pan              lp    Flash And The Pan                    1978
AC/DC                          lp    Powerage                             1978
AC/DC                          lp    If You Want Blood You've Got It      1978
John Paul Young                lp    Heaven Sent                          1979
Heroes                         s     Baby Had A Taste                     1980
Flash And The Pan              lp    Lights In The Night                  1980
Rose Tattoo                    lp    Assault and Battery                  1981
Cheetah                        lp    Rock and Roll Women                  1981
Flash And The Pan              lp    Headlines                            1982
Rose Tattoo                    lp    Scarred For Life                     1982
Jimmy Shelter                  s                                          1983
Flash And The Pan              lp    Early Morning Wake Up Call           1984
Rose Tattoo                    lp    Southern Stars                       1984
AC/DC                          mlp   '74 Jailbreak                        1984
Flash And The Pan              lp    Nights In France                     1987
AC/DC                          lp    Blow Up Your Video                   1988
The Saints                     lp    Prodigal Son                         1988
Mark Williams                  cd    ZNZ                                  1990
Strongheart (UK)               cds   Hard Wired                           1992
Flash And The Pan              cd    Burning Up The Night                 1992
AC/DC                          cd    Stiff Upper Lip                      2000   Young
The Wrights                    cds   Evie Part 1, 2 and 3                 2005   Vanda

Session musicians

John Farnham   lp   J P Farnham Sings   1975
De Mont        lp   Body Language       1989
Aleesha Rome   cd   Aleesha Rome        2000   Vanda


The Starfighters (Holland) [Harry Vanda]
The Starlighters 1963 [Harry Vanda]
The Easybeats 1964-1969
Marcus Hook Roll Band 1972-1974
AC/DC 1974 [George Young]
Flash And The Pan 1976-

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