Venom P. Stinger

Melbourne 1985-1989,1991-1992,1993-1996



Meet My Friend Venom   1987

LP       AUS   No Master's Voice

Walking About          1988    2

Single   AUS   Aberrant

What's Yours Is Mine   1990

CD       AUS   Aberrant

Waiting Room           1991    4

CD-EP    AUS   Au-go-go

Live (in Davis)        1992

CD       AUS   Anopheles

Thick-skin             1994    2

Single   AUS   Death Valley

Tear Bucket            1996

CD       USA


MacKenzie Dugald (v) 1985-1989 Sick Things, Brainshack
Palmer Nick (v) 1991-1992,1993-1996 ---
Secher-Jensen Alan (b) 1985-1989,1991-1992,1993-1996 Brainshack, Beachnuts, Come The Rubber Pig
Turner Mick (g) 1985-1989,1991-1992,1993-1996
White Jim (d) 1985-1989,1991-1992,1993-1996

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