Vika and Linda Bull



Vika Bull:
Livin Hell                       1988   ??   Produced by Stephen Charlesworth

LP       AUS

Vika and Linda:
Vika and Linda                   1994   12   Produced by Paul Kelly

CD       AUS   Mushroom TVD 93422 (RMD 53422)
         AUS   Mushroom (with 5 track bonus disc)
         AUS   Mushroom MUSH32450.2

Mouth Of The River               1995   13

CD       AUS

Princess Tabu                    1996   12   Produced by Jeremy Allom, Diesel, Vika and Linda Bull

CD       AUS   Mushroom TVD 93436 (RMD 53436)
         AUS   Mushroom MUSH33028.2 (with 8 track bonus live disc, issued 1997)

Two Wings                        1999   12   Produced by Paul Kelly, Renee Geyer and Chris Dickie

CD       AUS   Mushroom

Live and Acoustic                2000   13   Produced by Jeff Burstin, Vika and Linda

CD       AUS   Mushroom MUSH332862
         AUS   FMR MUSH332862 (re-issue)

Love Is Mighty Close To You      2002   12   Produced by Jeff Burstin

CD       AUS

Tell The Angels                  2004   11

CD       AUS   VAL007

Between Two Shores               2006   14

CD       AUS   Liberation Blue BLUE0932

Contribution to album

Seven Deadly Sins (Soundtrack)   1993   Vika
The Spirit of Christmas 1995     1995   Vika and Linda
Triple J Live                    1996   Vika and Linda
Where Joy Kills Sorrow           1997   Vika and Linda
Mushroom 25 Live                 1998   Vika and Linda
The Spirit of Christmas 1998     1998   Vika and Linda
Olympic Record                   2000   Vika and Linda
The Spirit of Christmas 2001     2001   Vika and Linda
The Women At The Well            2002   Vika and Linda
A Day On The Green - Live        2004   Vika and Linda

Session musicians

Kids In The Kitchen                                               Vika
Cattletruck              lp   Ready To Believe             1987   Linda
Hunters and Collectors   lp   Fate                         1988   Vika
Hunters and Collectors   lp   Ghost Nation                 1989   Vika and Linda
Ross Wilson              lp   Dark Side Of The Man         1989   Vika and Linda
John Farnham             cd   Chain Reaction               1990   Vika and Linda
The Hangovers            cd   You're Not So Bad Yourself   1990   Vika and Linda
Archie Roach             cd   Charcoal Lane                1990   Vika and Linda
Seven Stories            cd   Judges And Bagmen            1990   Vika and Linda
Deborah Conway           cd   String Of Pearls             1991   Vika and Linda
Noiseworks               cd   Love Versus Money            1991   Vika
Revelators               cd   Revelators                   1991   Vika and Linda
Kerri Simpson            mcd  Veve                         1993   Vika and Linda
Deborah Conway           cd   Bitch Epic                   1993   Vika and Linda
Archie Roach             cd   Jamu Dreaming                1993   Vika and Linda
Paul Kelly               cd   Wanted Man                   1994   Vika and Linda
Paul Kelly               cd   Deeper Water                 1995   Linda
Andy White               cd   Teenage                      1996   Vika and Linda
Mark Seymour             cd   King Without A Clue          1997   Vika and Linda
Chris Wilson             cd   The Long Weekend             1998   Vika and Linda
Paul Kelly               cd   Nothing But A Dream          2001   Vika and Linda
Kutcha Edwards           cd   Cooinda                      2002   Vika and Linda


Fear of Flying 1984-1986 Vika
Sophisticated Boom Boom 1986-1988 Vika and Linda, Jenny Fenton, Steve Purcell, Kerri Simpson, Jeremy Rasmussen
John Justin and Thunderwings ? Vika, John Justin, Tony Featherstone, Paul Hines, Carl Manuel, Gordon Pitts, Robert Woodrow
The Blue Tomatoes ? Vika
The Honeymooners 1987 Vika and Linda, Terry Fossmalle, Steve Sedergreen, Justin Stanford, Linda Wostroy, Jack Abeyratne
Noel's Cowards 1988 Vika
Sacred Hearts of Sweet Temptation 1988-1989 Vika and Linda, Rebecca Barnard, Robbie Bourke, Paul Cummings, Mick Dick, Nichaud Fitzgibbon, Richard Grey, Dean Hilson, Tony Norris, Barney McAll, Keith Pereira, Kerri Simpson, Jerome Speldewinde, Kelvin Speldewinde, Shelly Scown, Russell Smith, Gus Till, Paul Wintervine
The Swing Sisters 19?? Vika, Rebecca Barnard, Shelly Scown, Kerri Simpson
The Black Sorrows 1988-1993 Vika and Linda
Big Kahoonas 1990 Vika and Linda, Wayne Burt, Peter Luscombe, Richard Sega
The Drawcards 1990 Vika and Linda, Tim Finn, Deborah Conway, Stephen Cummings, Dror Erez, Ross Hannaford, Peter Jones, Shane O'Mara, Chris Wilson
Vika Bull Band 1992 Vika
Vika and Linda Band 199?-present Jeff Burstin, Michael Barker, Stuart Speed, Bill McDonald, John Watson

Members (Vika Bull Band)

Bull Vika (v) 1992
Burstin Jeff (g) 1992
Erez Dror (k) 1992 Identities, Chris Bailey Combo, The Drawcards, Rose Amongst Thorns, Sherine, Crown Of Thorns, The Saints, Blackmale
Luscombe Peter (d) 1992
Speed Stuart (b) 1992 Kate Ceberano and Her Septet, The Jextet, Dianna Kiss, Kate Ceberano and Her Sextet, Charles Marshall and The Body Electric, Sexual Chocolate, Gospel Choir, Los Bajinas, Priscilla's Nightmare

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