Floyd Vincent



Floyd Vincent and The Childbrides:
Caveman                   1993    4

CD-EP   AUS   Rufus RF003

The Dolphins Of Baghdad   1995   14

CD      AUS   Rufus/Ruthless RS001

Last Exit Motel           1997   12   Produced by Floyd Vincent and Simon Polinski with David Bridie

CD      AUS   Grudge/Universal UMD73065


Floyd Vincent and The Childbrides 1988-present
Greedy's On The Loose 1992 Greedy Smith, Wayne Delisle, Mark Grey, Mike Gubb


Accaria Joe Giuseppe (d,perc) 1996-present Wendy Matthews Band
Bowman Jim (g) 19?? The Yard Goes On Forever, Damien Lovelock's Wigworld, Curious (Yellow), The Wine Stained Cowboys
Harden Dave (d) 19?? The Sparklers, Glass Canoe, Donny Hop and The Kings of Bop
Jacobi Bill (b,bv) 1995-present Neil Murray and The Rainmakers, Warumpi Band, Method
Kenny Jessica () 19??
Kilbey Russell (b) 1988
Lees Ian () 19??
McKitrick Greg () 19??
Page Lindsay (org,p,k) 1996-present
Ploog Richard (d) 19?? The Name Droppers, The Brats, Exhibit A, The Church, The Beasts of Bourbon, Salamander Jim, The Wigmen, Deadly Hume, Funkicide, Peter Koppes and The Well
Shannon Rob () 19??
Vincent Floyd (v,g,b) 1988-present
Wesley-Smith Jedd (b) 19?? Gondwanaland
Woods Mark () 19??

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