The Vines

Sydney 1995-present



Factory                 2001    3

Single   UK    Rex (limited edition of 700-1000)

Sun Child/Hot Leather   2002    2

Single   AUS   Illustrious Artists

Highly Evolved          2002   12   Produced by Rob Schnapf and Justin Stanley

CD       AUS   EMI
         EUR   Capitol/EMI 72435 37527 29
         JAP   EMI
         UK    Heavenly HVNLP36CD
         USA   Capitol

LP       UK    Heavenly HVNLP36

Winning Days            2004   11

CD       AUS

Vision Valley           2006   13   Produced by Wayne Connolly

CD       AUS
         AUS   (limited edition with bonus DVD)

Contribution to album

I Am Sam (soundtrack)   2002


Griffiths Ryan (g) 2002-present
Matthews Patrick (b,bv,k) 1995-2004
Nicholls Craig (v,g,perc,p) 1995-present
Olliffe David (d) 1995-2001
Rosser Hamish (d) 2002-present

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