Don Walker



Freedom (Soundtrack)   1981    9   Produced by Don Walker and Peter Walker

CD          AUS   Origin OR026 (issued 1996)
            AUS   (re-issue 1999)

LP          AUS   WEA 600119-1

We're All Gunna Die    1995   12   Produced by Don Walker and Phil Punch

CD          AUS   Salt SALT 01

Cutting Back           2006   13   Produced by Don Walker and Phil Punch

CD          AUS   Warner 5101137492

with Slim Dusty:
Charleville            1994

CD-Single   AUS

Contribution to album

Fusebox - AC/DC Tribute   1995
Lullaby And Goodnight     1996
Not So Dusty              1998


Marc Hunter   s    Empty Beach         1985
Catfish       lp   Unlimited Address   1988
Catfish       cd   Ruby                1991
Ian Moss      cd   Petrolhead          1996

Session musician

Various           dlp   The Andrew Durant Memorial Concert   1980
Matt Finish       lp    Short Note                           1981
Marc Hunter       lp    Communication                        1986
Died Pretty       lp    Lost                                 1988
Ian Moss          lp    Matchbook                            1989
Steve Hoy         cd    Life Next Door                       1990
Ian Moss          cd    Worlds Away                          1991
Jimmy Barnes      cd    Flesh and Wood                       1993
Ian Moss          cd    Petrolhead                           1996
David Campbell    cd    Taking The Wheel                     1997
Astrid Munday     cd    Astrid Munday                        1998
The Backsliders   cd    Poverty Deluxe                       1999
Steve Prestwich   cd    Since You've Been Gone               2000
Astrid Munday     cd    Sunshine & Promises                  2006


Bogislav 197? Ron Carpenter, David Froggat, Dave Hiatt
Queen -1973 John Swan, Steve Beleky
Orange 1973 Jimmy Barnes, Ian Moss, Steve Prestwich, Leszek Kaczmarek
Cold Chisel 1973-1983,1997-1999,2003
Catfish 1988-
Tex, Don and Charlie 1993-1994

Sources of information: Gordon Clarke, Toby Creswell: Too Much Ain't Enough - The Authorised Jimmy Barnes Biography, Jason Cleeland, Jerome Withers, Unofficial Don Walker Homepage, Plastic Passion Records, Michael Lawrence: Showtime - The Cold Chisel Story
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