Matt Walker



Matt Walker and Friends:
Live At The Rainbow Hotel     1996   10

CD   AUS   Rainbow Hotel Records RHR100795

with Ashley Davies:
I Listen To The Night         1997   12   Produced by Graham Lee

CD   AUS   W. Minc WMINCD007

Soul Witness                  2000   12   Produced by Graham Lee

CD   AUS   W. Minc/Virgin WMINCD015/72438 49402 25
     AUS   W. Minc (limited edition with bonus cd "Live At The Continental")

Matt Walker & Ashley Davies   2005   10

CD   AUS   Stovepipe

Matt Walker & The Necessary Few:
Navigational Skills           2003   11


Contribution to album

with Ashley Davies:
Where Joy Kills Sorrow              1997
Recovery - Ready For Transmission   1999
Triple J - Live and Unleashed       2001
Triple J - Studio 22                2002

Session musician

Broderick Smith                  cd      Crayon Angels            1996
Various                          cd      Where Joy Kills Sorrow   1997
Lisa Miller and Tex Perkins      track   The Look of Love         1998
Lisa McCune and Nick Barker      track   Nothing But A Child      1999
Mick Thomas and The Sure Thing   cd      Dust On My Shoes         2001


Satan 1986-1987 Josh, Davey, Seb, Nick
Mighty Servant
Broderick Smith Band 1994
Broderick Smith and The Guild 1996

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