Peter Walker



Jo Jo Zep and The Falcons   lp      Whip It Out             1977
Stiletto                    lp      License To Rage         1978
Cold Chisel                 lp      Cold Chisel             1978
Cold Chisel                 track   The Dummy               1979
Don Walker                  lp      Freedom (Soundtrack)    1981
Flying Fonzarellis          mlp     Having A Party          1984
Cyril B Bunter Band         mlp     M.M.I.P.H.              1985
Innocent Bystanders         lp      Don't Go Looking Back   1986
I Spit on Your Gravy        mlp     Fruitloop City          1987
Catfish                     lp      Unlimited Address       1988
Norma Murphy                s                               1988
Ian Moss                    cd      Worlds Away             1991
Catfish                     cd      Ruby                    1991

Session musician

Greg Quill        lp      The Outlaw's Reply              1975
Mike McClellan    lp      Until The Song Is Done          1976
Benjamin Hugg     lp      What's Been Happening           1976
Ray Burton        lp      Dreamers And Nightflyers        1978
Jeff St. John     lp      So Far So Good                  1978
Cold Chisel       lp      Cold Chisel                     1978
Air Supply        lp      Life Support                    1979
Edith Bliss       lp      Sheer Bliss                     1980
Don Walker        lp      Freedom (Soundtrack)            1981
Marc Hunter       lp      Communication                   1986
John Williamson   lp      M.B.                            1986
John Williamson   mlp     M.F.A.                          1987
John Williamson   lp      B.C.                            1988
Dave Steel        s       The Hardest Part                1988
Dave Steel        lp      Bitter Street                   1989
Don Walker        track   There's Gonna Be Some Rockin'   1995


Jelly Roll Bakers 1968-1969
Bakery 1970-1972 Rex Bullen, Mal Logan, John Worrall, Mark Verschuer, Tom Davidson
Barry Leef Band 1976
Ian Moss Band 1987
Catfish 1988

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